Note on Posted Date: The posted date is based on when a payment was applied to the student account. Online payments through eBill are posted in real-time. Payments that are mailed, wire (Flywire), or made through the Monthly Transact Payment Plan may take up to a week to post. To assure these payments are reported in the current tax year, please allow for sufficient processing time. Tufts University is unable to alter or back-date posted dates.

There are several ways to pay your student bill:


Tufts eBill is the preferred method of payment for student bills. Please see My Bill for more information on logging into eBill and setting up authorized bill payers. You can make payments electronically from a savings or checking account through the Tufts eBill system. Payments made through eBill will appear on your student account in the Student Information System (SIS) in real time. Learn how to read your eBill.

Returned payments are subject to a $25 fine.

529 Plan Electronic Disbursements

Tufts has partnered with Flywire to offer an option for payers to disburse funds electronically to the university. This means faster and more accurate payment processing. Please check with your 529 plan administrators for availability.  

To use this new payment method, initiate a payment directly with your 529 plan provider and look for an electronic payment option for Tufts. Please make sure you correctly enter your student’s 7-digit Tufts ID number for which the payment is intended to ensure accurate processing.

Check Payment

If you are unable to pay through eBill, you may send checks directly to one of the addresses below. All checks must be payable in U.S dollars to the Trustees of Tufts College and must be payable through a U.S. bank. We will not accept any postdated checks.

Checks should be mailed with the payment coupon from your eBill and should include the student's 7-digit Tufts ID number and name to:

Tufts University
Dowling Hall
Student Financial Services
419 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Returned payments are subject to a $25 fine.

Monthly Payment Plan

Tufts University has partnered with Transact to offer our students a payment plan option. The payment plan allows you to pay tuition in monthly installments instead of one lump sum by splitting each semester bill into five payments. Global Business Administration (GBA) students click here for payment plan option details.

You may sign up for the plan one semester at a time. The payment plan enrollment period will open on July 1st for the fall term and November 1st for the spring term. eBills will be available each semester soon after these enrollment period begin. If you are an undergraduate student you can estimate what you will owe Tufts using the Student Account Calculator. Graduate students may refer to their program’s website for tuition and fees information.  

Additional Information (Dates not applicable for GBA program):

  • The payment plan is interest-free, but Transact charges a small application fee.
  • The first monthly installment is due on July 15 for the fall term, and December 15 for the spring term. 
  • The deadline to sign up for the payment plan for the fall term is August 31. The deadline for the spring term is January 15.
  • By signing up for the payment plan, you are agreeing to meet the payment schedule. Failure to do so will result in the cancelation of the plan. The remaining balance would be due in full, to be paid directly to Tufts. Late fees and hold are applicable.
  • You cannot include a prior year's balance in your plan.
  • You may only use a U.S. checking or savings account to pay each installment.
  • Prior monthly payments are due in full when enrolling after the start dates of each plan.
  • We currently do not offer a payment plan for the summer term. Any cost associated with summer courses should be paid by the specified date in your eBill and should not be included in the payment plan.

Your payment plan installments received by Transact will be posted on your student account and will be reflected on your eBill each semester. However, we recommend you review your eBill and student account periodically to ensure your plan is budgeted for the correct amount to cover your balance for the term.

Your payment plan will not be automatically adjusted if a change in balance occurs. If you find that your balance is not being covered in full for the term, you may increase your plan to cover the shortage if the plan is still active and within contracted dates. Alternatively, you may cover any difference by paying it directly to Tufts instead of adjusting your plan.

Enroll in Plan

Instructions to Enroll 

Instructions to Adjust Plan

Enroll/Unenroll in AutoPay

Wire Transfers through Flywire

Tufts University has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with an easy and secure method to make international payments. As the leading payments processor for educational institutions all over the world, Flywire delivers students’ tuition payments quickly, easily, and securely.

With Flywire you can:

  •  Track your payments from start to finish
  •  Make payments in more than 140 currencies, online and from banks worldwide
  •  Enjoy peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support
  •  Ensure accurate and timely posting of your payment to your student account

Please note: Flywire is the only international payments partner authorized to process international payments on behalf of Tufts University. Any funds paid through Flywire that create an overpayment will be refunded directly to the original paying account. Flywire may require additional information from the payer to complete the refund. For more information, visit Flywire's QA page regarding refunds. 

You can initiate a Flywire payment by logging into your eBill account in SIS. When you go through the payment process you will be presented with the option of using a US checking/savings account or using the International Payment Option. You may also use Flywire to complete a domestic wire transfer by selecting U.S. as the country of origin.

Tuition Refund Plan through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.

The Tuition Refund Plan offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. was originated in 1930 to protect the financial investment of students and parents in education. Today, over 1200 leading independent schools and colleges throughout North America offer the Plan. Because the cost of education today is a substantial investment, one which is likely to be your second largest next to a home purchase, the protection afforded by the Tuition Refund Plan is essential.

While most colleges provide partial refunds for withdrawals, they are limited and usually effective only when you withdraw early in the term. Subject to the program terms and conditions, this Plan offers the unique benefit of a 75% refund of term tuition and fees when you are forced to withdraw for medical reasons. The Tuition Refund Plan dramatically enhances the college refund schedule and provides more generous refunds throughout the entire term. For complete details about the Tuition Refund Plan, please go to the A.W.G. Dewar website.

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