Graduate and Post-bacc Financial Aid

This is the financial aid web page for all Arts and Sciences, Engineering, SMFA, and Fletcher graduate and post-bacc students. We process graduate and post-bac student loans and work study; institutional tuition scholarships are determined by individual departments.

Contact Us

After reviewing our website thoroughly, your first contact should be the specialists in Student Services who are trained to answer many questions you may have about financial aid and billing issues. If they cannot answer your question, you will be referred to your aid counselor

Email Consent

Please be aware that the University’s primary method of communicating with students is through email. We will do our best to limit the number of emails that you receive from us, but in many cases, including information about registration, campus emergencies, special events, and Commencement, email may be the only communication used. It is your responsibility to check your Tufts email account regularly. If you use another email account, please make certain that you forward your Tufts email to the account you regularly use.

If you do not give your consent to receive financial aid information via email, please email