As members of the Tufts community, we have the opportunity and responsibility to help build a University and a world shaped by the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. These efforts are embraced by everyone at the University, from the President’s Office, to our deans, faculty and staff, to our students and active campus organizations. 

Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion

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Identity Centers

Tufts’ eight identity centers provide safe, inclusive spaces on our campus where students can find friendship and welcoming community, celebrate shared identities, interests and life-issues, learn from others, and work together to advance equity and justice at Tufts, and in the world.


As part of the University’s on-going efforts to become an anti-racist institution and build a culture that fully reflects our values of diversity, equity and inclusion, we offer many anti-racism resources for students and community members. The Office of Student Life can help you find resources and programming to fit your needs and interests.  

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Hire Your Leadership

As a Tufts student, you can help the University to hire diverse, dynamic leaders in Student Life and other departments, by participating in candidate interviews. Learn how your perspectives and insight can help Tufts to identify and hire amazing leadership. 

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University-Wide Programs from Kindergarten through Professionals 

Tufts is proud to offer a large and growing number of programs on diversity, equity and inclusion that are designed to engage people at every age and life-stage. Visit our programming list for events, classes, activities and much more.  

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