Asian American Center

eight students laughing while together on the Asian American Center porch

The Asian American Center (AAC), founded in 1983 as a result of student activism, is a resource for the Asian and Asian American communities at Tufts University. The AAC fosters a supportive environment for the personal and social development of students through its programs and resources.  

The center recognizes the complex identities that individuals have and we seek to support you in your identity journey. We hope to cultivate an experience that allows you to celebrate and reflect on the unique experiences of the Asian diaspora. We aim to help you to find a sense of belonging at Tufts, as well as connect you with other centers and resources to support your overall wellness and advocate for your needs to ensure a successful and meaningful college experience.

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Our offerings include events that address current needs of Asian and Asian American students, first-year student support through the Peer Leader Program, a physical space for students to utilize, and professional staff to connect you to additional support. Visit the links above to learn more! 

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