As a graduate student, your experience at Tufts will be guided by your graduate dean's office and academic department.

Newly Admitted Students

Welcome! View the school-specific resources below to help start your graduate career at Tufts.

Academic Support

Mentorship in Graduate School

Mentor/mentee relationships are as different as the people involved, but at the core, the relationship is synergetic, with both parties engaging in an educational, social, and intellectual relationship.

The StAAR Center Graduate Resources

The Student Accessibility and Academic Resources (StAAR) Center team understand the particular needs and challenges of graduate students and have developed programming to address those concerns from a strength-based and process-oriented approach.

Teaching Opportunties

Students interested in pursuing a career in academia or teaching have many opportunities at the departmental level to practice and expand their skills as teaching assistants.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants (TAs) are resident students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or School of Engineering who are paid a stipend to teach part-time at the university as part of their training.

Notation of Development (NOD)

All PhD and master’s degree students can receive formal recognition for workshop attendance in the form of a "Notation of Development" (NOD) on their transcripts.

Registrar's Office Graduate Forms

We are the custodian of AS&E undergraduate and graduate student records and facilitate course registration and changes, degree certification, grading, transcripts, enrollment verifications, the Bulletin, transfer of credit and other functions as they relate to the student record.

Foreign Language Exam

Select GSAS programs require students to take foreign language exams prior to graduation.

Research Support

Graduate Student Work/Life Resources

Work/life refers to the intersection of your professional life and personal/family life, and to the information, resources, and policies that help you navigate those intersections. The definitive source of information about many graduate student work/life balance policies is in your Graduate Student Handbook.

Career Center

AS&E and SMFA graduate students have access to career development opportunities and resources that will help establish career readiness and prepare students for career success.

Counseling and Mental Health Service

Office visits and services are covered for graduate students who have paid a Health and Wellness fee.

Health Service

Office visits are covered for graduate students who have paid a Health and Wellness fee.

StAAR Center

AS&E and SMFA graduate students in need of academic support can seek help from the StAAR Center. Students are welcome to schedule one-on-one appointments and attend workshops for enhancing writing, academic, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Student Outreach and Support

Student Outreach and Support assists graduate students with navigating resources to help students address academic, health, and personal challenges that impact their experience at Tufts.

Athletics and Recreation

Graduate students are encouraged to utilize state-of-the-art facilities like the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center for physical fitness, recreation, and competition.

Food Resource

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and the School of Engineering (SoE) graduate programs office have a limited number of free meal tickets they can provide to graduate students who contact them.

Leaves of Absence

There are three types of leaves available to graduate students: medical leave, parental leave, and personal leave. Students who are on leave are not charged tuition and fees and are not eligible for stipends. The time-to-degree clock stops for all graduate students who take an approved leave of absence.

Parental Resources

Learn more about resources available for parents and caregivers including child care and on campus lactation rooms.

Get Help

For official guidance and information, contact the Dean of Student Affairs Office

For academic grievances for GSAS students, contact Sarah Herchel, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

For academic grievances for SOE students, contact Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education, School of Engineering. 

For peer-to-peer advice or information, contact the Graduate Student Council president.

Graduate students may also contact June Goldstein, Benefits Specialist, for advice about dependent care needs such as childcare.


Graduate Awards

Dean's Offices