Asian American Center Resources


Our team of staff and Interns plan regular events that address the current needs of Asian and Asian American students, including guest speakers, socials, and workshops. 

Annual events include our Open House to welcome students in September, our Arts & Crafts Fest featuring student vendors during APIDA Heritage Month in April, and the Asian American Center Graduation in May. Our student leaders host several recurring affinity groups, such as Southeast Asian Social, Queer Desis, and Queer Asian Social.

Our event opportunities shift regularly based on student interests and needs. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to hear about our upcoming events as well as see the variety of past offerings! We also recommend students subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates. Most events will not require sign-up/registration unless otherwise indicated. 

Peer-led programs are overseen by a team of 10 paid undergraduate student Interns. If you are interested in joining our team in the future, please join the interest form here. New Interns are hired for each upcoming academic year in the summer.

Our Space

The Asian American Center has a variety of rooms for students to study, meet with others, and attend/host events! During our regular business hours found on the front page, we are available for walk-in communal use by students of the university.

Watch a digital tour of our space here! If you have questions during your visit, please ask the student Intern at the front desk.

  • Reservations

    Rooms at the AAC function as open communal space unless reserved. Students are required to have an approved reservation before hosting an event or formal meeting in the center. Please use this form to reserve a room. Requests must be submitted at least three business days before your intended event. Any questions can be sent to

  • AAC Library

    We host a small library of books by Asian American authors in the center, located in the Porcelain Room to the left as you enter. Please feel free to browse the shelves, and speak to the student Intern at the desk to check out or return a book! You can check our digital catalog of books here.

First-Year Support

We provide intentional support to first-years in their transition to college through peer mentorship and tailored curriculum. We also maintain a team of around 30 Peer Leaders (mentors) who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Whether you are interested in becoming a mentee or mentor, learn more through the Peer Leader Program page.

Pan Asian Council (Student Organizations)

Based at the Asian American Center, the Pan Asian Council (PAC) is a collaborative group of student organizations which intentionally support the Asian and Asian American community. Accepted organizations participate in bi-weekly meetings to provide support and community building across organizations. Active PAC groups also receive additional support from AAC staff, and special storage/reservation privileges within the building. If you are in a student organization interested in membership in PAC, apply here!

The Asian American Center is a staffed university department that advises student organizations through PAC. There are over 20 Asian or Asian American cultural, political, and performance student organizations at Tufts University, but not all opt to participate in Pan Asian Council. To search across all undergraduate student organizations, please visit JumboLife.

Asian American House

The Asian American House, a Special Interest Housing Unit under the Office of Residential Life and Learning, provides a safe space for students of Asian or Asian American descent in a predominantly white institution. Residents of the unit organize activities related to the Asian American experience. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply to live in the House. While previously sharing the same building, the Asian American House has been located in a separate space from the Asian American Center since 2018, while maintaining a close relationship with the AAC staff. 

Learn More about the Asian American House

Campus Partners

We encourage you to be aware of the following resources outside of the Asian American Center.

  • Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the growing and heterogeneous diasporas of East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian populations within the United States and transnationally. Asian American Studies draws from a wide range of disciplinary frameworks including history, cultural studies, literature, sociology, political science, and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies to understand the histories, communities, politics, and cultures of Asia America. The field introduces students to the histories of Asian diasporas in the Americas, while also deconstructing any notion of a singular or fixed “Asian American” identity or experience. Visit their website to learn more about the Asian American Studies program, the program's affiliated faculty, courses, and upcoming events.

  • At CMHS, confidential counseling is available to Tufts students to address your needs and concerns, including emergency situations and help with mental health referrals as well as support for academic, personal, and family issues. You can make an appointment for telehealth or in-person counseling, access tools and resources to promote your mental health and well-being, and initiate immediate support, if needed. Counseling services at CMHS are free for undergraduates and for graduate students who have paid the university’s health and wellness fee.

    CMHS is open 9-5, Mondays through Fridays. Call them at 617-627-3360. For after-hours emergencies, this phone line can connect you with the Counselor on Call.

    The CMHS liaison to the AAC is Andrew Yuen, PsyD, Staff Clinician. Learn more about him here!

  • The University Chaplaincy is the hub of religious, spiritual, ethical, and cultural life for all members of the Tufts community. The chaplains work together and serve different religious and philosophical communities. They are trained to respectfully support anyone in our Tufts community in the fullness of their identities, and are confidential resources to Tufts community members. 

    The Chaplaincy liaison to the AAC is is Preeta Banerjee, Hindu Chaplain.