Tuition Refund Policy

Per Credit Billing & Enrollment Changes

This policy extends to all students in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering being billed per credit for fall, spring, and summer semesters starting in May 2023 and Fletcher Fall 2023. This includes approved Undergraduate part time students, all applicable Graduate degree seeking or certificate students for in person or online programs and any coursework an ASE student completes during the summer term.

Students making enrollment changes such as adding and dropping classes must refer to the tuition refund table below. The refund percentage is based on the length of course being dropped and the date the course is dropped. Other fees, such as mandatory, lab or material fees, are not pro-rated.  The days in the table refer to calendar days as opposed to business days.

Financial aid awarded for the term will be canceled or reduced according to the federal refund policy.

Refund PercentageCourse Length   
12+ Weeks6-11 Weeks3-5 Weeks1-2 WeeksLess than 1 Week
12 Week, Full Term, Open SessionFirst, Second, or Open SessionOpen SessionOpen SessionOpen Session
Session/Term Start DaySession Start Day CountClass Start Day CountClass Start Day CountClass Start Day Count
100%Through Day 7Through Day 7Through Day 1Before Day 1Before Day 1
90%Days 8-14 (Week 2)N/AN/AN/AN/A
80%Days 15-21 (Week 3)Days 8-10N/AThrough Day 1N/A
60%Days 22-28 (Week 4)N/ADays 2-5N/AN/A
40%Days 29-35 (Week 5)Days 11-15N/ADays 2-5N/A
20%Days 36-42 (Week 6)Days 16-20Days 6-10N/AN/A
0%After Day 42After Day 20After Day 10After Day 5Day 1

Visiting Students Refund Policy

Visiting student's policies and rates are governed by University College, to find more information please visit University College's website.

Withdrawal & Leave From Tufts

The refund schedule below applies to all Arts, Sciences, and Engineering students and the Fletcher school. If you elect to withdraw, are required to withdraw, or if you take a leave of absence from Tufts then you are entitled to an adjustment of tuition and housing charges in accordance with the following schedule:

Fall 2024 Semester

Date of Withdrawal/Leave% Tuition Charge Cancelled
September 2, 2024100%
September 3 to 16, 202490%
September 17 to 23, 202480%
September 24 to 30, 202460%
October 1 to 7, 202440%
October 8 to 14, 202420%

Spring 2025 Semester

Date of Withdrawal/Leave% Tuition Charge Cancelled
January 14, 2025100%
January 15 to January 28, 202590%
January 29 to February 4, 202580%
February 5 to 11, 202560%
February 12 to 18, 202540%
February 19 to February 25, 202520%

Other charges for the term such as Health Insurance, the Health and Wellness fee, the Activity fee, and library or traffic fines, are not prorated upon a withdrawal or leave of absence during a term.  Visit Tufts Dining for information regarding meal plan refunds.

Withdrawal or leave prior to the beginning of a term will result in cancellation of tuition, housing, meal plan, and mandatory fees but will result in the forfeiture of any admission deposit paid for the term.

Financial aid awarded for the term will be canceled or reduced according to the federal refund policy.