Discounted MBTA Passes

Boston/Grafton/Health Sciences campuses, visit our MBTA Passes for Health Science Students webpage for discounted pass program details.

For information regarding employee commuter benefits, visit the Commuter Benefits webpage. 

Tufts University, in partnership with Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions, has implemented an online storefront for the purchase of 11% discounted Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) passes. These discounted passes are available to actively matriculated Medford/Somerville/SMFA campuses who are not a Tufts employee and do not receive other benefits from Tufts.

  • Passes are available to purchase for the Fall semester July 9 - August 8 and will be valid September - December.
  • Passes are available to purchase for the Spring semester December 9 - January 8 and will be valid February - May.
  • While there is no discounted pass program for the Summer months, students may still purchase regular monthly passes directly from the MBTA for these months (June - August).

Access the MBTA Storefront and Complete Your Purchase

  • Log into SIS.
  • Navigate to the Bills & Balances tab.
  • Click Purchase MBTA Pass.

Your payment is not processed at the time you submit your order; we may not be aware until after the due date if your transaction is invalid. If your payment is rejected, you may not be eligible to receive a pass for the term. As such, it is important that you ensure the payment information you input is correct and that you retain the funds required to cover this purchase in your account until you see the payment processed when the purchase period ends. You will receive two confirmation emails – one when you submit your order, and another when your payment is processed. Your order cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled until you receive this second email.

Before You Purchase an MBTA Pass

Before you purchase your MBTA pass, you will have the ability to update your delivery address. Please review your delivery address carefully before placing your order to avoid delivery problems. Please note that Link, Bus, Inner Express Bus, and Outer Express Bus passes will be on Charlie Cards. Zone Passes (including Zone 1A) will be in ticket form. Passes in ticket form will be valid for one month each, with a new ticket being mailed to your listed address each month (tickets are typically received around the end of the month preceding the month for which the pass will be valid, i.e. receiving April’s ticket around March 28). For more information regarding pass types, visit

Why Am I Ineligible to Purchase the Pass?

  • You are attempting to purchase the pass outside the valid purchase period. We are unable to make exceptions to this policy; if you miss the deadline, you can purchase the pass at full value directly from the MBTA
  • You are not an actively enrolled student
  • You are trying to purchase the pass using an Invited Viewer user. Only Tufts students can purchase the pass with their credentials

What If I Need Assistance?

Edenred offers customer service for all questions and issues that may arise.

If Edenred is unable to resolve your issue, please reach out to us at:

Student Services

Pass Refunds

All refunds, regardless of reason, are at the sole discretion of the MBTA.

For more information please visit