Outside Scholarships and 3rd Party Billing

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships will be displayed within the anticipated aid section of your eBill prior to the beginning of a semester. If an outside scholarship is not reflected on your eBill as anticipated aid please contact us.

Tufts Third-Party Billing

Third-Party Sponsored Accounts

If another entity, such as your employer or a state agency, will be providing payment for some or all or your student account charges while at Tufts, we ask that you complete the Tufts Third-Party Billing Form to provide the full details and invoicing instructions for this third-party sponsorship. Please note, this does not include 529 Plans; for information regarding 529 Plan usage at Tufts please see the section on 529 Plans below.

Before using the Tufts-Third Party Billing Form, please ensure you have the following documents/information:

  • Tufts credentials – if you have not yet been admitted and have not received these credentials, please await this information before completing this form
  • Letter from your sponsor confirming coverage details and invoicing instructions (you will be required to upload this letter when submitting the form. Ensure you have the letter saved as a PDF in an easily accessible place)
  • Mailing address and email address to which invoices can be sent

Once a student has completed this form, our Third Party Billing team will review your third-party sponsorship request and provide an approval/denial in the following 3-5 business days. If approved, we will invoice your sponsor according to the instructions provided for all eligible charges each term. Please address any questions you may have regarding this process to thirdpartybilling@tufts.edu.

Note: Please only use this form and process if there are no contingencies to your sponsor’s payment (i.e. no grade requirement, no pending approval process from their side, etc.). If payment by your sponsor cannot be guaranteed, you will need to pay your full balance up front and await reimbursement from your sponsor when or if you meet their requirements.

529 Plans

The majority of 529 Plan payments can be initiated by the student or family by reaching out to your 529 provider to request payment to Tufts. You can have your 529 provider mail a check to:

Tufts University
Dowling Hall
Student Financial Services
419 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

529 Plans offered by Florida Prepaid, Texas Tomorrow, College Illinois!, or MPact may require invoicing directly from Tufts prior to payment. For any of these 529 plans, please have your 529 provider email notification of your eligibility to thirdpartybilling@tufts.edu or mail such a notification to the address provided above. We will review and invoice for eligible charges according to the terms provided by the 529 provider.