​​​​The Fraternity and Sorority Life team  considers this to be a time of great change and growth for fraternity and sorority life at Tufts. FSL is working with chapters to remodel Greek life, including advancing gender inclusion in fraternity and sorority life at the local and national level, removing financial barriers to membership through new scholarships, implementing anti-hazing measures in the new member process, and creating safer party policies.

Our History

The first organization at Tufts was established in 1855, and the fraternity and sorority tradition is strongly woven into the fabric of the university, continuously growing and changing to meet the needs of today's collegiate student population.

Membership enhances opportunities to meet new people, achieve academically, hone leadership skills, and serve the broader community through philanthropic and service opportunities. Alumni networking and mentoring also illustrate the benefits of lifelong membership and giving back to the next generation of Tufts students.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Mission Statement

In an effort to continuously better ourselves and our community, we as Tufts Greek organizations commit ourselves to three principles:

  1. To foster an accepting community that provides members with a sense of belonging and a tight knit support system.
  2. For members to develop personally and professionally through organizations that promote leadership, character, and integrity.
  3. For the organizations to give back to the Tufts and greater Medford/Somerville communities through their service and involvement.

In order to uphold these three principles, we commit to a process of constant improvement through transparency, accountability, and progressive re-evaluation of our progress towards this mission.