Report Hazing

Any member of the University community, including a victim, participant, or witness, with knowledge of hazing should report the hazing to the appropriate University official. 

Please note that measures are taken to prevent retaliation when hazing is reported.  Moreover, the identities of people who report hazing can be kept confidential during the investigation and resolution.

To Report a Concern

If you become aware of or suspect hazing, whether you experienced it yourself or want to report it as a concern, there are a number of ways to report it:

What Happens Next: Investigation Protocol

  • Hazing allegations may come from a variety of sources, however all hazing allegations are taken very seriously. The university will take all hazing allegations seriously and question chapter members or conduct investigations whenever deemed necessary. The organization and all of its members are expected to be forthright while an investigation is taking place.
  • The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life team will conduct all relevant investigations in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office and the Tufts University Department of Public Safety. Collaboration with appropriate advisors and Inter/National Headquarters will also be expected.  If appropriate, the organization will be afforded the opportunity to address the hazing culture in the organization and create a plan of action to eliminate such behaviors. The organization will be expected to hold those individuals who violated the policy accountable.
  • Hazing allegations form organizations will be incoordination with coaches and/ or club advisors as deemed appropriate.  

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