Meal Plan Changes and Financial Aid

The cost of a Tufts Full Plan is used in the cost of attendance used for calculating your financial aid award. If you decide to switch to a lower cost meal plan, cancel your meal plan, or purchase JumboCash, your financial aid award will not change. The meal plan change will simply reduce the balance due on your bill.

Please note that if your meal plan and/or JumboCash purchase exceeds the cost of a Tufts Full Plan, the cost of attendance used to calculate your financial aid will not be increased. In this case the meal plan change will increase the balance due on your bill.

By default, Tufts Dining typically charges students for the meal plan they purchased the previous semester. Students returning from a leave of absence or study abroad program may not be billed for a meal plan automatically, so they would need to proactively purchase a meal plan.

Meal plan purchases and changes must be made directly through Tufts Dining. They will process the request and notify the Bursar who will then update your bill within a few business days. You can use the Student Account Calculator to view an estimate of how your semester bill balance will be affected by a meal plan change.

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