Outside Aid: Undergraduate Students

You are required to notify the aid office if you receive any outside aid, or if the outside aid award differs from the amount estimated on your financial aid award. Outside aid should be reported by submitting the Outside Scholarship Reporting Form.

Download the Outside Scholarship Reporting Form

The University reserves the right to adjust its award, in compliance with federal regulations and institutional policy, if outside aid is received after it is estimated that a student’s need has been met. Note that Tuition Benefits received from an employer are considered outside aid. ROTC benefits are also treated as outside aid.

If you wish to apply for outside scholarships, you can begin your search on FastWeb and the College Board's Scholarship Search.

Outside Aid Adjustments

If you receive outside aid, Tufts will make the following revisions:

  1. The Tufts Grant will be reduced by the amount of any federal and/or state scholarship or grant.
  2. Outside aid will reduce the loan (Tufts Loan before Direct Loan) and/or work study portion of your original financial aid award.
  3. If your outside aid exceeds your original loan and work study award, your Tufts grant will then be reduced.

NOTE:  Outside aid will not normally reduce your family contribution.

Federal Pell and State grants are estimated on student aid award notices. The Tufts Grant will be increased, or reduced, if necessary, when the actual grant amounts are confirmed, based on government and state criteria. An unexpected Pell or State grant will result in a reduction of Tufts grant.

Students must apply for State grants by the applicable deadlines as outlined on the FAFSA. Tufts grants will not be used to replace the loss of State grants if due to missing information or a missed deadline. The MA state grant agency can be contacted via phone at 617-727-9420, or via fax at 617-727-0667.

NOTE:  If you would like a credit placed on your account for a scholarship that will arrive after the bill due date, please submit  documentation to the Financial Aid Office of the amount and date to be sent directly to Tufts (not to the student), and a credit will be put on your account, pending receipt of the actual funds. A provisional credit can be placed on your account only if a check will be sent by the organization directly to Tufts. 

Students may mail scholarship checks with the student’s ID and name to:

Tufts University
Dowling Hall
Student Financial Services
419 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

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