Childcare Employers

Parents: Please use the form below to advertise your childcare/babysitting position. This form can be used to find a Tufts student as a regular babysitter. We are not able to post positions that exchange housing for babysitting or for pet sitting or walking. Your posting is easily viewable online by the general public; access is not limited to Tufts students. Please keep this in mind as you write your posting. You can view the type of information that is displayed on our Childcare Webform Submissions webpage.

  • Posting will be approved three days after submission, so the form is not a way to find a last-minute sitter.
  • All postings will be removed approximately two months after they are posted. Please email if you’d like it removed sooner, and we will remove it within two business days.

Please note: Tufts is not responsible for our students working off campus and has not screened them for their experience, integrity, working ability, or any other aspect of their performance as babysitters, tutors, or other care-taking positions. Tufts also does not screen any families, companies, or others who may engage Tufts students as babysitters, tutors, or other care-taking positions. Both parties should be conducting their own due diligence. Tufts is not responsible or liable for and will not provide any support (financial or otherwise) for any injuries, damages, or conflicts that may arise from such positions or arrangements. Tufts' insurance does not provide any coverage for such positions or arrangements.

Please include your first name only. This field will be publicly displayed instead of your full name.
Please include your first and last name. This field will not be publicly displayed, but is kept on file by Student Employment in case of emergency.
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Neighborhood or cross streets. This information will be publicly displayed on Tufts' website to help students select positions. Examples: Franklin and Broadway in Arlington; Teele Square, Somerville
Your home address will not be publicly displayed, but is kept on file by Student Employment in case of emergency.
Description of Babysitting Job
Please include the number of children and their ages, the days of the week and approximate times you need a sitter, and the general tasks you need the sitter to perform such as picking the children up from school, preparing snack, helping with homework, and/or getting children ready for bed. You are most likely to find a sitter who meets your needs if you provide a thorough description of what you’re looking for. Please note that this information is easily viewable by the general public on the Tufts website.