Minors: Engineers


    Engineering undergraduate students have some additional requirements and considerations when choosing a minor. Please read each item below carefully. Note that the information on this page applies to students who matriculated in the fall of 2020 and beyond and also students who elect to pursue the 2024 or later degree sheet. Students who matriculated prior to the fall of 2020 should consult the Bulletin for policies applying to their matriculation year.

    In addition to completing the courses for the major requirement, an undergraduate engineer may elect to enroll in a minor program in the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering (see below for options. All courses used in fulfillment of the minor program must be taken for a grade. Students may receive no more than two minors. Please note that students who major in Engineering (no major) cannot have a minor.

    Multiple Minors

    Given that all major and minor requirements can be fulfilled, it is permissible for students registered in the School of Engineering to pursue up to two minors. Courses applied towards a minor may count for another minor and/or major without restriction.

    Designating Your Minor

    A student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts or School of Engineering may declare a minor using the Add a Minor form, also available on the Registrar's Student Forms page

    Course Requirements

    To obtain a list of courses required for the minor, consult with the department offering the minor. In many cases a minor will require five courses, but this is not a universal rule.

    Options Offered by the School of Engineering

    Students may pursue the following minors offered by the School of Engineering:

    *Available to students enrolled in the School of Engineering only
    **Available to students enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences only
    ***Available to non CEE students.

    Additional Information