Am I on Track to Graduate?

Requirements for Graduation:

Graduation Packets must be submitted by all Arts, Sciences and Engineering students during their senior year to ensure that all degree requirements have been fulfilled. Our office will be sending out very important information pertaining to graduation deadlines and requirements beginning in September. We know that senior year is a very busy time; please be sure that you’re monitoring your Tufts email account to stay apprised of this information. In order to avoid last-minute complications, we recommend reviewing the following areas to make sure you're on track:

  • Make sure you will have the minimum number of credits needed for graduation. For students matriculating in Fall 2018 and beyond, you will need 120 SHUs for Arts and Sciences BA/BS students and 120 SHUs for Arts and Sciences BFA students. Engineering students’ degrees require a variable number of SHUs, depending on degree program. This total number of completed credits is listed at the end of your unofficial transcript under “Earned.”
  • Check your unofficial transcript on SIS to be sure all transfer credits, pre-matriculation credits (AP/IB/SAT/SAT II), and study abroad courses are listed.
  • Check your unofficial transcript for any Incompletes or NG’s that need to be resolved. Your transcript is frozen after graduation so any grade changes need to be processed before Commencement.
  • Please be sure that you will have completed the 8 full-time semesters in residence needed for graduation; transfer students are required to complete 4 semesters. This is a separate requirement beyond the number of credits required.
  • If you don’t see that a course has been approved to fulfill a particular requirement, you must petition.
  • If you are reserving courses towards graduate school, please complete and submit the appropriate form: Arts and Sciences or Engineering.
  • If you are in the BA/MPH or BS/MPH program, complete the Transcript Reconciliation for BA/MPH and BS/MPH form.

See your advising dean if you have questions about these requirements, transferring credit, determining if you have fulfilled eight semesters, deciding to stay an extra semester, or completing your degree in the summer.

If you have any questions about requirements or the graduation process, contact us.

Additional Information

Student Degree Audit

The Student Degree Audit is a tool for students to review completed and outstanding degree requirements. The audit is coded with the requirements for all Engineering degrees and majors and all Arts and Sciences degrees and concentrations. Students can use the tool to see their progress towards their degree completion in their declared major(s) or concentration(s) or check their progress using different majors to help them decide if they want to change their field of study. Additionally, it can be used to help students plan their course load for each Fall or Spring semester as well as plan how to complete their requirements across their time at Tufts.

The Registrar has developed training documents to help students familiarize themselves with this new release of the Student Degree Audit. We encourage all students and advisors to view the Student Degree Audit website for more information.

More Information about the Student Degree Audit

Using An Alternate Degree Sheet?

By default, undergraduate Engineering students use the Degree Sheet associated with their anticipated year of graduation at the time of matriculation. However, engineers may also choose to use a newer Degree Sheet from a year after their matriculation. (They may not use an older Degree Sheet from a year prior to their matriculation.)

If you have chosen to use an alternate Degree Sheet, let us know! Fill out the Registrar's Use a Different Matriculation Year Degree Sheet form so we can update your information in SIS, as well as your Degree Audit!

Use a Different Matriculation Year Degree Sheet