Update Your Name


    If you use a first name that differs from your legal name, you have the ability to update it in several systems at Tufts, including the Tufts Directory, class and grade rosters, and on your Student ID Card. Your Tufts Username will not change, and your legal name will continue to be used in systems that require it (i.e. financial records, government reporting, official University records, and medical records). But updating your preferred/common name in these systems means it will appear across a variety of general Tufts communications.

    How to Change Your Preferred/Common First Name

    • Student Information System (SIS) - Click the pencil icon next to your name in the About Me tab in SIS. Changing your preferred/common first name in SIS will also update your name on class and grade rosters. Once you update your preferred name in SIS it will be updated in the Tufts Directory, class and grade rosters.
    • Student ID Card - Update your preferred/common first name in SIS, then contact Operations about your request for an updated Student ID Card. (New/incoming students do not need to contact operations if they update their first name in SIS by July 1.) Please note that preferred names can only be printed on Student ID Cards if they contain alpha characters only.
    • Email Address - Submit a request to it@tufts.edu to update your email alias/address, as well as in other Tufts services like eListBox, and TerraDotta.
    • Medicat – Log in to the Patient Portal, click on your profile on the top right-hand side of the page, update the appropriate fields and click save. Please note most fields automatically updated from SIS every night. If you would like to make changes to your email address or telephone number, please make those changes directly on the Patient Portal.
    • Applicant Status page - Throughout the Admissions cycle, you can change your preferred/common first name on your Applicant Status page. This will, in turn, update your preferred/common name in communications, rosters, and labels throughout the Admissions cycle and during Admitted and Enrolled Student events.


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