Academic and Advising Support for Faculty

Tufts values outstanding teaching and encourages faculty engagement with students beyond the classroom.

Key Faculty Resources

The StAAR Center (Student Accessibility and Academic Resource Center)

The StAAR Center coordinates academic, housing, and other reasonable accommodations as needed for students with disabilities. We support professors in making an inclusive learning environment for all students and provide resource tools to make it attainable.

Our office provides a variety of individual and group programming that attends to the needs of a diverse community of learners and includes one-on-one academic coaching, academic skills and discipline-specific workshops, and small group tutoring for specific courses. We also offer one-on-one tutoring through our writing center and provide support in public speaking and presentation skills. All Academic Resources are free and open to all Tufts students undergraduate and graduate students in Arts and Sciences, Engineering, SMFA and the Fletcher School.

You can find out more about what we do and how we can help on our Faculty Partnerships webpage. Faculty are invited to participate in the Writing Fellows Program: Join a group of professors and talented undergraduate writing tutors dedicated to improving student writing by making time outside of class and office hours for drafting, feedback, and revising.

Scholar Development

Tufts provides resources and programs to identify, support, and nurture the talents of undergraduate and graduate students as they conduct research, explore research opportunities, or seek funding for future endeavors through nationally competitive scholarships and grants. Faculty are encouraged to nominate students and to serve as mentors, recommenders, and on scholarship selection committees. The Summer Scholars Program unites professors and students in funded summer research projects. The Undergraduate Research Fund provides reimbursement for costs incurred as part of a student’s original research.

Academic Advising

In the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering, faculty are directly responsible for advising undergraduates. Faculty serve as the advisors of students who have a declared a major, and they serve as Pre-Major Advisors for first-year students and undeclared sophomores. 

Center for Enhancement for Learning and Teaching
Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) is a central resource for teaching-related initiatives at Tufts University (covering all schools).

Conference on Faculty and Teaching Development
Tufts sponsors an annual university-wide teaching conference to bring faculty together around common teaching problems. 

Share an Academic Concern about a Student

Share a Non-Academic Concern about a Student