Sandler International Research Program

The Wendy and Neil Sandler International Research Program for Tufts Faculty and Students in Arts and Sciences

In recognition of the importance of cultural learning and scientific inquiry, the Sandler International Research Program sponsors research trips abroad for scientific teams comprised of undergraduate and graduate students and a principal faculty investigator.

This program closely approximates the true functioning of a research team in which students and faculty work together in pursuit of scientific inquiry. It also provides a rich and meaningful cultural learning experience for Tufts students in an international setting.

Deadline to Apply: March 4, 2022! 

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Program Overview

  • Research is to be conducted in the natural sciences or life sciences in a lab setting or in the field and must be hosted by an international lab. Part or all of the research project must include an international component. (This excludes Hawaii and Alaska.)
  • The fund will support research teams studying the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, community health, or earth and ocean sciences. Interdisciplinary teams, including students and faculty from the School of Engineering, may seek funding provided that the principal investigator is a faculty member from the School of Arts & Sciences in one of the natural science departments.
  • The international travel portion of the research project must take place during the summer after exams, during winter break, or during spring break so as not to interfere with students' class schedules.
  • We will consider proposals requesting up to $40,000 in funding from the Sandler International Research Program. If your proposal budget exceeds $20,000, please indicate other sources of funding or cost-sharing.
  • We look for proposals that include students as vital members of the research team. An ideal team includes both undergraduate and graduate students but we consider proposals that include only undergraduates and faculty.
  • Teams may include multiple professors and multiple students. The undergraduates do not need to be majoring in the same field as the PI.
  • The PI must accompany the students overseas; for the purposes of this program, students should not be conducting research overseas without faculty supervision and guidance. The PI (with departmental support) is responsible for making travel arrangements and adhering to the budget.
  • Undergraduates must present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring. Winning teams are encouraged to present their research at a departmental forum the following semester or academic year.

The Scholarship Committee select research teams based on these criteria:

  1. Relevance, feasibility, and scientific merit of the proposed research
  2. Relevance of the proposed overseas location(s) in furthering the research process
  3. Clear goals for student researchers – preference will be given to those proposals that allow students to further their own research projects, such as senior theses
  4. Integration of the research team into the international lab or host institution
  5. Inclusion of Arts and Sciences students as a vital part of the research team – Engineering students are also welcome on the research teams

Past Recipients of the Sandler International Research Fund


Professors: Colin Orians
Department: Biology
Location: Costa Rica
Topic: Tropical Ecology and Conservation