Undergraduate Research Programs

Tufts Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium celebrates the many contributions made by Tufts undergraduates to scholarship and research advances. It includes presentations by undergraduates from all disciplines: natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities, and the arts.

Summer Scholars Program

What’s your obsession? Particle physics? History of dance? Early American political poetry? Crepidula Fornicata? Kant? Spend this summer working closely with a faculty mentor and a cohort of like-minded nerds from across the disciplines in Tufts’ Summer Scholars program.

Research Presentations for Undergraduates

So you've done this amazing research, now what? Present it! Tufts and other institutions offer opportunities for students to present their work in a variety of formats. Poster sessions offer students the chance to share their work to a wide audience and engage with people one-on-one as they pass by. Conference Panels situate students amongst other researchers focusing on a similar topic or theme.

Undergraduate Research Fund

Students may request funding for senior theses and for other proposals emphasizing original research that is directly supervised by a Tufts faculty member. You may request funding for expenses such as supplies, travel, library cards, and payment of research subjects.

Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy - Summer Research Experience

The Friedman School has a summer research opportunity for the summer of 2024. Four students will work on projects for up to 35 hours a week for eight to ten weeks over the summer, with remote, hybrid, and in-person roles available.