Tufts Research Symposium

The Symposium

Please join us at the 2024 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium! The day’s schedule can be found here.

The Tufts Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium is held once each academic year to celebrate the scholarship and research of Tufts undergraduate students. It includes presentations by undergraduates from all disciplines: natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities, and the arts.

Mark your calendars now for the 2023-2024 symposium, which will be held in person in 574 Boston Ave on April 30th, 2024, from 12:00pm to 7:00pm!

Any Tufts undergraduate can submit an abstract for an 8-minute oral presentation or a conference poster.

Abstracts will be accepted from March 1st to April 5th. You can find the submission link below. 

Students can also submit a creative interpretation of their research for our “Art-your-research” program, Artademic!. We welcome performances, visual art pieces, dance, music, or poetry submissions. View former submissions here. For the 2024 URSS, Artademic! Submissions will be on display (or performed) during the poster session of the symposium from 4-6pm.

To submit a piece to Artademic, note your interest in the URSS registration form. Direct any questions to Anne Moore (anne.moore@tufts.edu ) or Emily Palermo (emily.palermo@tufts.edu). 

The symposium provides a great forum to meet other undergraduate researchers and exchange interdisciplinary ideas. Additionally, it is an opportunity to present research before Tufts faculty members and student peers. Thesis writers take note--the symposium is a great way to fine-tune your presentation skills.

Please email anne.moore@tufts.edu or emily.palermo@tufts.edu if you have questions or are interested in helping to organize the event.

2024 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium Program

The 2024 program will be announced soon.

2024 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Committee

Student Committee:
Vinay Arun
Ava Masse
Kaitlyn Carril
Sophia Kurilla
Stewart James
Jonah Kim
Christopher Tomo
Justin Wang
Yao Xu

Faculty Advisor: David Proctor, PhD, History
Staff Advisor: Anne Moore, PhD, Program Manager in Scholar Development
Graduate Assistant: Emily Palermo, PhD candidate, English

Email Submit a Proposal Here

Helpful Resources

Presenters, remember to use Tufts resources to put your best foot forward: