Senior Honor Thesis Advice

Thank you for agreeing to supervise a senior honors thesis. It’s possible that your student has never before had this much independence or this much to write. Your support is essential to the student’s success.

Resources for Faculty Senior Thesis Advisors

Advising the Senior Honors Thesis: Guidelines for Tufts Faculty
Detailed guidelines clarify roles and responsibilities, requirements, how to address typical problems such as lack of progress, and helping your student prepare for the defense.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies can answer questions about honors thesis policies and deadlines.

Your student’s dean can advise you about how to respond appropriately to a senior who is not making progress on the thesis, wants to take an incomplete for the honors thesis, or may not graduate.

The StAAR Center provides extensive support to supplement your role as a Senior Thesis advisor. They offer senior thesis workshops, support groups, one-on-one writing consultations, and help with public speaking.

Scholar Development offers funding for undergraduate research, including travel to present the research at conferences. Tufts’ Undergraduate Research Symposium offers your students the chance to present their research to peers on campus.