Graduate Workshop Series

The Graduate School is committed to supporting you as you identify, acquire, and expand upon your professional development skills.

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Domains of Professional Development

We offer professional development workshops organized into six interconnected domains, or themes. You are encouraged to pursue the topics and workshops you think would be most useful to you based on your professional goals.

Professional Development Domains

  • Expand upon the scholarly training offered within respective disciplines at Tufts. Gain expertise in areas such as grantsmanship, publishing, preparing posters and presentations for conferences, and more.

    TA and RA Support:

    • Introductory Pedagogy
    • Discussion Facilitation
    • Conflict Prevention
    • Managing Labs

    Research and Scholarship:

    • Managing Labs
    • Designing Effective Data Visualizations
    • Copyright and Publishing Essentials
    • Using Art in Your Research Practice
    • Writing a Literature Review
  • Incorporate DEIJ into your work and research through workshops designed to facilitate culturally-responsive leading, teaching, and communicating.

    • Understanding, Preventing, and Responding to Microaggressions
    • Introduction to Power, Privilege, and Marginalization
    • Communicating Cross Culturally¬†
  • Develop skills that will improve employability, as well as help prepare for careers in academia, industry, and government or non-profit organizations. Practice developing tools like resumes or CVs, explore career options, and talk directly with faculty and alumni whose career paths interest you.

    Essentials in the Job Search:

    • Building an Effective Resume
    • Writing Compelling Cover Letters
    • Writing a Curriculum Vitae
    • Negotiating Your First Academic Position
    • Building an Effective Resume
    • Networking and Relationship Management
    • Job and Internship Search Strategies
    • Interview Strategy and Preparation

    Exploring Career Paths:

    • LinkedIn Lab
    • Preparing for a Career in Academia
    • Preparing for a Career Outside Academia
  • Hone your ability to communicate with diverse audiences for written and verbal contexts. Learn how to adjust content for appropriate contexts, project confidence, and engage and activate audience interest.

    Public Presentations:

    • Public Speaking for Graduate Students
    • Conference Poster Design Principles
    • More workshops to be announced

    Technical Skills:

    • Simplify Your Spreadsheet Life and EXCEL in your Research
    • Data Cleaning with OpenRefine & Data Visualization with Tableau
    • Cite Your Research with Zotero

    Scholarly Reading and Writing:

    • Designing Your Online Scholarly Presence
    • Reading and Note-taking for Graduate Students
    • Writing and Revising for Multilingual Graduate Students
    • Writing and Revising in Graduate Coursework
    • Productive Writing for Thesis and Dissertation Writers
  • Gain more confidence in navigating group processes and preventing conflicts. Assess your negotiation and mediation skills and continue to hone your personal capability as a leader.

    • Mentorship
    • Managing Labs
    • Women in STEM
  • Learn how to address and balance competing demands in your personal and professional lives by prioritizing, cultivating flexibility, and developing a resilient orientation and a proactive approach to challenges.

    Wellness in Graduate Life:

    • Conflict Prevention
    • Work-Life Balance Resources
    • Cultivating Healthy Habits: Working Smarter and Being Less Stressed

    Life Outside School:

    • Work-Life Balance Resources
    • Getting Your Personal Finances Ready for the Future
    • Creating Your Professional Website