Welcome from the Dean of Graduate Arts and Sciences

Dean Barbara Brizuela

Dear Students,

Welcome to Tufts and to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences!

Over the past three decades I’ve worn many hats at Tufts—I joined Tufts as a masters student in January 1995, I’ve been a research assistant, a part-time lecturer, a full-time lecturer, a tenure stream faculty member since 2001, Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, Academic Dean, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, and currently the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Tufts is my home and I am committed to doing all I can to help you all feel like this too is your home. I know first-hand how excellent our faculty are, how deeply they care about the success of each student, and how hard they will work to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where you will thrive. 

I encourage you to contact your program director with any questions you may have about your academic program. Additional information for incoming graduate students is available on our Admitted Students website and our residential resource site. These sites will help you familiarize yourself with the Medford/Somerville area and provide information regarding graduate housing. As your dean, my door is always open.

Please feel free to contact the GSAS Dean’s Office at gsas@tufts.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Bárbara M. Brizuela

Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Education
Tufts University | Ballou Hall, 1st Floor Medford, MA 02155