GSAS Mission and Values

Our mission and value statements communicate our purpose, principles, and aspirations as a graduate education community. We are committed to using these principles as a guide for our work and to regularly review how we are upholding them, and to revise them when needed.

Our Mission

The mission of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University is to educate and develop critical thinkers, leaders and visionaries who engage in world-class research, scholarship, and practice. We do this while fostering a learning environment that is a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Value Statements

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is:

    • We value the rich and diverse identities and lived experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These identities and experiences are the foundation of our inclusive and curious community of scholars, practitioners, and artists.
    • We are committed to fostering the cultural humility necessary to sustain an environment that is welcoming, accessible, and just, which encourages a sense of belonging in our learning community.
    • We value the teaching, research, and scholarship of students, faculty, staff, and alumni through a participatory, creative learning community of current and future scholars and practitioners.
    • We strive to produce scholarship, research, interpretation, performance, and practice that explores our world; identifies, examines, and, addresses vital local and global challenges; and serves our community and the world.
    • We value professional development, mentorship, and lifelong learning across GSAS to promote and sustain our growth as critical thinkers, leaders, and visionaries.
    • We are committed to fostering a spirit of free inquiry that contributes to a socially responsible global community.

Updated May 1, 2023. The GSAS mission and value statements were developed through a collaborative process that began in January 2022 with GSAS leadership, faculty, staff, and students.

Our Lived Mission