Short-term programs are shorter in duration than a traditional semester or year-long program abroad and typically occur over a summer or winter term. Short-term programs can be a great option for students who may not be able to commit to a full semester or year abroad due to major requirements or other commitments on campus. It can also be a way to study abroad for a shorter period before committing to a full semester. In addition to traditional courses within your major area of study, short-term programs often offer unique study themes, intensive language-learning sessions, and enriching opportunities for hands-on learning through service or an internship. 

Tufts Global Education offers a rotating selection of short-term study abroad course options throughout the summer and winter. These programs, often designed by Tufts faculty, are intended to give students at all levels a curated experience that combines unique academic offerings with a commitment to cultural learning and exposure. Please note that the summer program options are subject to change.

Data and Computer Sciences and Italian in Pavia, Italy 

Tufts in Pavia is a 5-week summer program that provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture while earning credit in Data or Computer Science. Tufts Global Education offers this program in cooperation with the School of Engineering and the Italian Studies program. 

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External Short-Term Programs 

Find an External Short-Term Program

In addition to Tufts-sponsored opportunities, there are many external short-term programs available to you. Regardless of the program you choose, all Tufts students are required to register their short-term study abroad program with Tufts Global Education.

While there is not an approved list of short-term program options, many of our approved partner institutions and programs for semester and year-long study abroad also offer summer and winter opportunities. 

You may also wish to browse independent study abroad search engines, such as:

IIE Passport Abroad101 GoOverseas 

Note: These types of independent non-Tufts websites, corresponding search engines, and student rating systems are neither sponsored nor affiliated with Tufts University. In addition, please note that Tufts is unable to intervene on your behalf with unaffiliated entities and we encourage you to exercise due diligence as a private consumer to ensure positive program reviews; comprehensive health and safety protocols and support; student services; and sound financial, cancellation, and withdrawal policies.

Register an External Short-Term Program with Tufts

If you plan to attend a short-term program, you are required to register each program to which you submit an application with Tufts Global Education. 

By registering your short-term program, you will: 

  1. receive institutional support for your external application;  

  2. be eligible to transfer the credit earned on the summer program back to Tufts University; and  

  3. have access to Tufts' global assistance provider, which provides Tufts University travelers with health care and medical and security assistance services worldwide 24 hours a day.  

For purposes of transfer credit eligibility, the program you choose to attend must be able to provide a transcript from a degree-granting institution of higher education that is recognized by the government of the country in which they are located or accredited according to the U.S. system of accreditation.  

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