Applications to Tufts Programs Abroad for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed.


Most students typically apply for education abroad during their junior/third year at Tufts. This aligns with the requirements of many UK universities, which will only admit students in their third year. However, in some cases, it is possible to go abroad during the sophomore or senior year. We strongly recommend that students discuss the feasibility of studying in the sophomore or senior year with their major advisor and Advising Dean, as study abroad in the senior year can impact your graduation timeline.

All Tufts students planning to participate in an education abroad program for a semester or academic year, whether through Tufts Programs Abroad or external programs, must submit an Intent to Study Abroad by November 1 of the academic year preceding the intended study abroad year. For additional details, visit our Planning and Applying page.

Note: Students who submit an Intent to Study Abroad will not receive an on-campus housing lottery number. Instead, they have the option to be placed on a priority waitlist for on-campus housing. Please direct questions about the waitlist and on-campus housing application to Residential Life.

Important note for students considering attending one program in the fall and a different program in the spring: Please consult our office about your combination of programs, as visa application processes for certain countries, particularly Spain and France, can make going to those locations in the second semester problematic or impossible.

Non-Tufts Applicants

Full-time students in good academic and disciplinary standing at any accredited US college or university are invited to apply to Tufts in Beijing, Tufts in Chile, Tufts in Hong Kong (only Arts, Engineering, Science, and Social Sciences), Tufts in Madrid, Tufts in Paris (Primary Track), and Tufts in Tübingen; please contact us regarding interest in other programs.

Good Standing and GPA Requirements

To participate in Tufts Programs Abroad, you must be in good academic and disciplinary standing from the time of application through participation in the program. Good standing means that you are not on Disciplinary Probation or on Academic Probation. For a further explanation of good standing, consult the Student Code of Conduct. Students should be aware that if they are admitted or nominated to Tufts Programs Abroad but are later placed on either Disciplinary or Academic Probation, they will be withdrawn from their program.

You are also required to have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) for all programs, except in the following cases:

ProgramMinimum Cumulative GPA
Tufts in London

LSE: 3.5 strongly recommended 

RHUL: 3.3 for History or Drama

SOAS: 3.3, although 3.0 may be considered if major GPA is higher.

UCL: 3.5; 3.7 required for Neuroscience; specialized background for Economics

All applicants to Tufts in London are expected to show previous college-level coursework in the subject, program, or department they wish to pursue at the host institution.

Tufts in Oxford3.7 after two semesters and must be maintained throughout participation in the program
Tufts in Paris

Centrale Supélec: 3.5 and completion of Math 51

Sciences Po: 3.5 and a qualifying exam

Note: Tufts will examine enrollment capacity at our partner universities in Paris and London and may be unable to nominate all candidates to their partner of choice. 

Language Requirements

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, students applying to language-based programs must also fulfill the following language prerequisites before participating in the program:

ProgramMinimum Cumulative GPA
Tufts in BeijingChinese 4, or equivalent of four semesters of college-level Chinese
Tufts in ChileSpanish 21 and 22 (Composition and Conversation), or the equivalent to six semesters of college-level Spanish
Tufts in Japan

Fall or Full Year: Japanese 2, or equivalent 

Spring: Japanese 3, or equivalent  

Tufts in MadridSpanish 4, or the equivalent of four semesters of college-level Spanish
Tufts in Paris – Primary TrackFrench 21 and 22 (Composition and Conversation), or the equivalent to six semesters of college-level French
Tufts in Paris – Specialized Tracks

Sciences Po: French 22 and successful result on qualifying exam

Beaux-Arts: French 2, or equivalent

Paris College of Art and CentraleSupélec: French 1, or equivalent

Tufts in TübingenGerman 4, or the equivalent of four semesters of college-level German

Application Process, Deadlines, and Requirements

Prior to beginning your application, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for your chosen program by reviewing the eligibility requirements provided above.

If you are applying to more than one program, you must submit one application for each program; you cannot apply to multiple programs in one application. 

The following table outlines the application process for Tufts Programs Abroad. Note that some programs have additional application instructions, which you can find further down on this page. If you are also applying to an approved external program, please refer to External Program Applications.

November 1, 2023 
11:59 PM ET

Register Intent to Study Abroad in 2024-2025

The Intent to Study Abroad is non-binding but must be submitted to continue with the education abroad process. This deadline applies to all students interested in fall, spring, and full-year programs in the 2024-2025 academic year.

Submit Your Intent

December 1, 2023
11:59 PM ET

Submit Application to Tufts in Oxford

Submit your application to Tufts in Oxford via the TGE application portal. See below for further instructions.

February 1, 2024
11:59 PM ET

Submit Application to Tufts Programs Abroad

Submit your application to Tufts Programs Abroad in Beijing, Chile, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Madrid, Paris, or Tübingen via the TGE application portal, along with your non-refundable $50 application fee (certain Tufts students may be eligible for a fee waiver based on financial criteria). See below for application links and further instructions.

March 15, 2024
11:59 PM ET

Commit to Study Abroad in 2024-2025

Once you receive an admissions decision, you will need to officially accept your offer. To do so, enter the Tufts application portal and click the “commit” button; you must also submit a non-refundable $500 program deposit to confirm your place, which will be applied toward the tuition and comprehensive program fee for your program. “Committing” represents your final choice of program, the one you intend to fully pursue. There should be no program changes beyond this date. It is each student’s responsibility to complete all research related to academic course availability and program costs by this date.

Various Deadlines 


Once you have completed the above criteria, you must complete all required pre-departure items. See Accepted Students page for more information.

Program-Specific Application Details

In addition to the general application requirements for the Tufts Programs Abroad, some programs will have additional requirements. See below for more information.

Tufts in Oxford

Prospective applicants must contact Melanie Armstrong, Associate Director of Tufts Global Education, no later than November 1 to discuss the program and application process.

If you meet the basic application requirements and the program seems suitable to your academic plan, you will be invited to interview with the program director, Dr. Meredith Hyde.

If approved to apply, you will be granted access to the application and must submit the completed application to Tufts Global Education by December 1, 2023 for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

A complete application must include: 

  • A completed Pembroke College Visiting Student application form, provided by the Associate Director of Tufts Global Education.  
  • Two letters of recommendation from full-time members of the Tufts faculty. Both recommendations should be from the Tufts department corresponding to the intended area of study at Pembroke, or one from each department if pursuing a combined subject. 
  • Two term papers, problem sets, or other relevant samples of work in the intended area of study at Pembroke. 

Tufts Global Education will review completed applications and nominate select students to Pembroke College. Pembroke will review the nominees’ applications and select candidates for admission, depending on availability of spaces in the various academic subjects and the strength of individual applications. This process may take two to three months; applicants should not expect a decision before late February or March.  

Tufts in London and Tufts in Paris

Tufts in London and Tufts in Paris partner with various universities, each with its own academic strengths, formats, and cultures. If you’re unsure which partner institution is the best fit for you, reach out to our staff for guidance. We can help you navigate your options and make an informed decision.

For either program, you may only apply to one partner institution.

Once you submit your application, there is a two-step review process.* First, Tufts Global Education will assess your suitability for nomination to your selected partner institution. If selected for nomination, you’ll undergo a secondary review by the partner institution through their specific application process. Expect additional steps after TGE’s initial review; you will receive detailed instructions following notification of your nomination. It’s important to understand that your formal admission is determined by the partner institution, not Tufts Global Education. Note that while many nominees will be admitted by the partner institution, in some cases, certain subjects and/or institutions may reach capacity. If your application is rejected, we will work with you to explore other options.

*Note for Tufts in Paris: This applies for applicants to Beaux-Arts, CentraleSupélec, Paris College of Art, and Sciences Po. Applicants to Primary Track partner institutions, Sorbonne-Nouvelle and University Paris Cité, will only be reviewed by Tufts Global Education.

Tufts in Ghana

Applications are reviewed by Tufts Global Education, and then submitted to our program partner, SIT Abroad, for the final admissions decision.

Tufts in Hong Kong

Applications are reviewed by Tufts Global Education, and then submitted to Hong Kong University for the final admissions decision. Note that this may be possibly as late as November of the semester prior to study in Hong Kong.

Tufts in Japan

Applications are reviewed by Tufts Global Education, and then submitted to our program partner, Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS), for the final admissions decision.

Application Components

The application for Tufts Programs Abroad is straightforward, with mostly short-answer sections. However, you may wish to prepare the following in advance:

Personal Statement (about 500 words)Describe your academic background, strengths, and goals, and how they align with the program you’re applying for.
Major Advisor Approval

Discuss your education abroad plans and any potential impact on your progress toward graduation with your major advisor. They will need to approve application after submission in our online application portal. You may also wish to discuss the possibility of receiving any credits from abroad toward major requirements.

If you do not yet have a declared major, please have a faculty member in your intended-major department serve as your approving advisor.

Valid Passport You will need to upload a copy of your signed passport (valid for at least six months beyond the program’s end date). Plan to renew or apply for one immediately, if needed. It is possible to submit the application without the passport, but you will need to upload it shortly after admission to the program.
Faculty Recommendations

Arrange for two recommendations from faculty who have taught you and are familiar with your work. Different programs have specific requirements for these recommendations:

  • For language-based programs, one recommendation must be from a language professor. This includes Beijing, Chile, Japan, Madrid, Paris, and Tübingen.
  • For Tufts in Hong Kong or Tufts in London, one recommendation should be from a relevant faculty member in the subject, program, or department you wish to pursue while abroad.
  • For studio-arts programs, one recommendation must come from an art instructor who can speak to your capabilities and accomplishments within studio arts. This includes Tufts in Paris at Beaux-Arts or Paris College of Art and Tufts in London at University of the Arts, London.
  • For Tufts in Oxford, both recommendations should be from faculty in your chosen subject area.

Tip: Start this process early, even before completing the application; we recommend requesting these by mid-December to provide faculty ample time to write a meaningful recommendation before the February 1 application deadline. List your recommenders' names early in the online application process. This will trigger the system to send them an email with instructions and guidance on what to write. You can start this step even if you haven't completed the entire application, allowing your recommenders sufficient time to work on their recommendations well before the deadline.

Official Transcript (non-Tufts applicants only)Provide official transcripts from your college or university's Registrar (unless you're a Tufts student, in which case we'll obtain them for you). Transcripts should include Fall 2023 grades.
Application FeeThere's a non-refundable $50 application fee per program application, required upon submission and payable by credit card. Certain Tufts students may be eligible for a fee waiver based on financial criteria.

Note: Some programs will have additional application requirements. Refer to the Program-Specific Application Details section of this webpage for more information. 

Online Applications 

Links to each program's application for the 2024-25 academic year are provided below; please be sure to select the correct link.


Decisions for Tufts Programs Abroad are typically made by March 1. If you’re accepted or approved for nomination, you must commit and submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 by March 15 to secure a place in the program. If you withdraw after committing, the $500 deposit is forfeited. Withdrawals close to the start of the program may incur additional non-recoverable charges. If you withdraw after the program start date, no refunds are possible because commitments and contractual agreements are finalized before students arrive. 

Note: Students on a Tufts Program Abroad remain enrolled at Tufts and don't need to submit leave of absence or transfer of credit requests.

Tufts students enrolled in a Tufts Program Abroad are required to meet certain pre-departure requirements, including completing an online pre-departure module in the semester prior to going abroad. This module provides crucial information on administrative matters, as well as health, safety, and cultural adaptation. Failure to complete pre-departure requirements by the stated deadlines may result in program withdrawal.