Personal, Medical, and Parental Leaves of Absence

During their time at Tufts, students might take a voluntary leave of absence for a semester or more for a multitude of personal, professional, medical or academic reasons. This page is meant to help students identify their options by introducing the different types of leaves available. We understand that not all situations and circumstances are the same. Tufts handles each leave of absence on a case-by-case basis to provide students with individualized attention aimed at fostering long-term success at the University. Please know that the appropriate Dean of Student Affairs or Advising Dean (Liberal Arts BA/BS, Liberal Arts BFA, or Engineering) will help you navigate this process.

International Students: Please note that all medical and non-medical leaves of absence must also be coordinated with the International Center.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students taking a Medical Leave of Absence leave campus in order to more fully attend to health-related issues. A Medical Leave of Absence is also appropriate if a student finds it difficult to productively or safely manage the demands of their academics and campus life due to a health concern.

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Parental Leave (Graduate Students)

Graduate students can apply for a parental leave for one semester (fall or spring) for the birth or adoption of a child. You must be your child’s primary caregiver during the time of the leave. If granted, parental leave will not be counted toward your time to degree. Stipends will not be paid during a parental leave.

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Personal Leave

Students can take personal leave for many reasons, including travel, to participate in a non-academic program, attend to a family crisis, or to gain a sense of direction.

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