Returning from Hospitalizations

Students must receive approval from the Dean of Students Office before resuming residence and coursework following treatment for a health condition requiring emergency hospitalization. It is important for the student and their family to communicate with the appropriate dean about procedures regarding medical leave or the continuation of studies after an emergency hospitalization. For assistance, students may contact the appropriate Student Life resource.

The following steps will be taken to assess a student’s readiness to return to Tufts after a hospitalization or stay at a treatment facility, intensive outpatient facility, or rehabilitation center. A student cannot be discharged directly to Tufts University or return to campus unless the following process has been completed and received clearance from the Dean of Students Office to return to campus.

  1. The post-hospitalization discharge summary from the admitting facility must be provided to Counseling and Mental Health Services or Health Services at Tufts University and willingness to engage in dialogue with the treating team.
  2. Release of Information: Request and sign a release of information form from each treatment provider and/or system of care you saw while on medical leave. This form will authorize your provider to share the following information with the appropriate clinician at Tufts University Health Service or Counseling and Mental Health Services. 
  3. Prior to discharge, meetings must be scheduled on the Tufts campus with the appropriate Dean of Students resource. The deans will arrange additional interviews as necessary, including any meetings with Tufts University clinicians.

Following the meetings and the review of the clinical discharge summary, the Health Service or CMHS Clinical Team will make a recommendation to the Dean of Students Office as to whether the condition necessitating the hospitalization has been resolved sufficiently that it seems prudent for the student to return. The appropriate dean will review the recommendation and will make a determination as to the student’s readiness to re-engage in the rigors of university life. The outcome will be communicated to the student in writing within five business days from the Clinical Team's recommendation. Until this decision is communicated, the student may not be on campus, attend classes, or participate in any school-related activities.

For students who have accessibility needs and wish to request accommodations, please visit Student Accessibility Services for additional guidance.

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