StAAR Accessibility Services Handbook

Please review the StAAR Accessibility Services Handbook for information on policies, procedures, and guidelines related to accessibility at StAAR. This handbook was last updated December 1st, 2023.

Note: The policies, procedures, and guidelines that appear in the StAAR Handbook are in effect as of the time of its last update on the StAAR website. The information in this handbook is subject to change at any time.

Accommodation Grievance Process

If a Tufts University student believes that they have had a request for an accommodation denied by a StAAR staff member based on a failure of judgment, failure of process, or failure of information, the student has the right to seek an appeal.

Informal Appeals

Informal appeals will be heard by the Associate Dean of the StAAR Center. 

The Associate Dean of StAAR has the responsibility to consider the student’s request and respond to the student’s concerns in a timely manner. If the student is unsatisfied after an informal appeal has been sought out, they may make a request for a formal appeal (please see Formal Appeals below).

Formal Appeals

Formal Appeals will be heard by their Academic Dean (academic accommodations) or by the Dean of Students Office (non-academic accommodations).

If the student is unsatisfied after an informal appeal has been sought out, they may make a formal appeal through the appropriate dean's office. The dean in question will review the request in a timely manner to discuss the appeal.

Formal Complaints

Formal Complaints will be heard by the Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO).

A student who has failed to achieve satisfactory resolution through the appellate processes may file a complaint with the Tufts University Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO).

    Additional Policies

    Digital Accessibility Policies

    Tufts is committed to making online content available to all.

    For more information on Tufts' Digital Accessibility Policies please click the appropriate links below:

    For training and resources for digital accessibility, please visit the Training and Resources for Accessibility page for faculty and staff.

    Physical Accessibility Policy

    Tufts is committed to ensuring physical access to our community.

    The interactive Medford/Somerville Campus Map includes an accessibility feature which shows elevators, accessible bathrooms, and accessible building entrances. The Medford Campus Accessibility Map (PDF) can also be used for downloading and printing.


    Report an Access Barrier

    To report a physical or digital access barrier on campus, please submit the Access Issue Resolution Form. After submission, a Tufts University official will review the situation promptly.