Room Change Process

From time to time, students may wish to change their room assignment, either because of a desire for a different location, due to a roommate or community conflict or for other reasons. We ask that students first discuss a possible room change with their Resident Assistant. Oftentimes, the student staff member can provide helpful insight or guidance for how to navigate conflict, or alternatively, they can help residents work through the room change process and connect them with a professional staff member who can provide support.

Please note that our primary goal in this process is to have students resolve conflicts with one another and remain in their space. Changing rooms is considered a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

Your Resident Assistant or Residential Life Coordinator will be able to provide additional information about the room change process. A list of staff and contact information is available here.

Please note that the Room Change Request form will not be available until February 1, 2024, and students cannot request a room change earlier. The Room Change Request form will close at 11:59PM on April 7, 2024, and there will be a room change freeze from April 8 and May 11.

Roommate Agreement

All students at Tufts are required to complete a roommate agreement regardless of class year. Roommate agreements can be found on Jumbolife. Students should use these agreements to set shared living expectations of a space.

Overview of the Room Change Process

  1. The student who wishes to move should contact their Resident Assistant.
  2. The Resident Assistant and student meet to talk about reasons for the room change request and discuss possible solutions, including mediation and conflict resolution options.
  3. Students should have a conversation with the involved parties regarding potential solutions. An RA or ORLL staff member can be present, if requested.
  4. If the student is continuing to experience difficulty living with their roommate(s) after having a mediation conversation, they should reach out to their Residence Life Coordinator.
  5. After a student submits a room change request form, an Assistant Director will match the student with another student who has a vacancy in their room using the students’ response on their housing application.

Important Details

  • Switching Rooms Within a Suite/Apartment: If you are interested in switching rooms with a suitemate/apartment-mate, you must notify Residential Operations via email (cc'ing the parties involved) at You will receive confirmation via email.
    • Students who switch rooms without authorization are subject to a $150.00 improper room change fee, the student conduct process, and are responsible for any damage in the space to which they are assigned whether they lived there or in another space.
  • Advance Notice: We try to provide 24-48 hours' notice of a new roommate moving in. This is not guaranteed depending on the timeliness of the move.
  • If you are approved to change rooms, you will be given temporary access to your current space and new space for 48 hours so you have time to move.
  • If a student vacates your room, you (and roommates, if applicable) will be given 72 hours to request a student to move into that space. The student you are requesting must already have submitted a housing application. Once 72 hours has passed, ORLL will fill the vacancy as needed.
  • Please note the room change process will change slightly for the 2023-2024 academic year: an Assistant Director will match the student requesting a room change with a student whose has a vacancy in their space using their housing survey responses. The student with the vacancy in their space will be notified that a new student has been assigned to their space and given 24-48 hours' notice.
  • Students are expected to kindly welcome new roommates into vacancies in their space and take reasonable steps to make them feel welcome in their new assignment.