Move-In & Move-Out Information

The information below covers specific information regarding Spring 2023 move out for AS&E Undergraduate students. Information regarding Fall 2023 move in will be available in the coming months.


Spring 2023 Move Out

Students who are not graduating in May are required to move out 24 hours after their last final exam or by noon on Saturday, May 13, whichever comes first. Students in singles and the last roommate to leave a double or triple room are required to complete a departure checklist.

If you’re staying on campus for the summer and cannot move from your spring to summer assignment on May 23, please move out completely by noon on May 13.  

Graduating students are required to move out by noon on Monday, May 22.  

Please plan accordingly when making travel arrangements.  

Students who do not complete the check-out process and vacate by the deadlines noted above will be charged a $150 improper check out fee and an additional $50 per day for each additional day they are on campus.  The residence halls are used throughout the summer, so our facilities, custodial, and operations teams all rely on you to check out on time to do their work.

Spring Move Out 2023 - Departure Checklist

To prepare your room for summer break, the last person to leave your room is required to complete the following tasks before departing campus.  Tape the completed checklist to your room door when you leave.  Your departure should be no more than 24 hours after the end of your last final exam/review board or by noon (12pm) on May 13, 2023, whichever comes first. 

  • Refrigerator and freezer (MicroChill and Apartment units) is empty, defrosted, and unplugged. Start defrosting your freezer 48 hours prior to your departure. Place a towel or something similar on the floor in case there is any minor leaking while defrosting.

  • If you have a thermostat in your room: Thermostat is set to heat, auto, 64°F 

  • If you have a dial radiator control instead of a thermostat: Dial is set to 3, or somewhere between the sun and the snowflake symbols. 

  • All trash and recycling removed from room and discarded in trash room. 

  • All personal belongings removed from all spaces in the residence hall, including, bedroom 

  • All windows closed and locked.  Blinds closed. 

  • Nothing is plugged in to any of the outlets. 

  • Overhead lights are off. 

  • Door closed and locked. 


Extended Stay  

Some students have extenuating circumstances that require them to extend their stay on campus past May 13. If you are participating in a Tufts program that requires you to stay on campus after May 13, your program leader will communicate with the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL) regarding your extended stay. Please do not complete an extended stay request form; please confirm with your program leader that you were included on the list they sent to ORLL.  

Students who are part of the following groups should NOT submit an extended stay request: 

  • Graduating students 

  • Resident Assistants  

  • Student athletes competing in a spring varsity sport  

  • Tufts in Talloires

  • Hillel Birthright  

  • Pre-Orientation Coordinators 

  • Dining student staff 

  • Alumni Engagement student staff  

  • Conference & Event Services student staff 

  • Students who are COVID+ isolating in situ 

  • Summer Housing Residents* 

*Summer housing residents will need to submit a housing application through the Housing Portal or Slate. Please continue to check your Tufts email.  

If you do not see your Tufts program listed above, please contact your program leader and ask them to contact ORLL.  

If you need to request an extended stay but are not participating in a Tufts program, please submit an Extended Stay Request form through your Housing Portal by on Tuesday, April 18. Requests will be reviewed by ORLL staff and approved or denied. Approved requests received after on Tuesday, April 18 will incur a $50 late fee.   


Tufts Facilities and Office of Sustainability are here to help make move-out easier and more eco-friendly! They will have stations set up around campus where you can easily recycle waste and donate usable clothing, books, electronics, room décor, and more. Donated items will be given to Tufts students and community members that need them. Details will be added to this move-out waste webpage as move-out approaches. We encourage you to start sorting what you will keep, donate, and recycle early to make moving out easy! 

Please look for opportunities to swap clothing and other item in your residence hall between now and move out. Swapping or clothing and other items with friends and roommates helps reduce waste during move out! 

Storage & Shipping 

Tufts University is working with Dorm Room Movers to provide storage and shipping options to residential students. Please visit Tufts’ Dorm Room Movers page for more information about packing, pick up, delivery, and cost.  

Summer Housing 

For more information regarding summer housing, please refer to the information below or review our Seasonal Housing page.

If you are applying for summer housing for because you are taking a summer course at Tufts or because you will be employed by Tufts University, please submit a Summer Housing Application through your Housing Portal (via SIS) by Tuesday, April 18.   

Students participating in a AS&E summer program other than coursework (e.g., summer scholars, VERSE, or other research programs) will submit a summer housing application through Slate upon email invitation from the coordinator of your summer program. If you’re participating in an AS&E summer special program, please continue to check your Tufts email for more information and specific instructions from your program coordinator or contact us at

If you have an off-campus summer internship and would like to live on campus, please complete an Intern Housing application: Intern Housing at Tufts University by Monday, May 1.  

If you’re staying on campus for the summer, please consider that you will have to move from your spring housing assignment to your summer housing assignment on Tuesday, May 23. Please plan travel, work, and other commitments accordingly. ORLL staff, Residential Facilities, and C&W cleaners commit a significant effort to planning and executing the transition from spring to summer housing and need your full cooperation when it is time to move from your spring to summer housing.  

If you’re staying on campus for the summer and cannot move from your spring to summer assignment on May 23, please move out completely by noon on May 13.  

Employment Opportunities  

Residential Life is hiring Operations Assistants for summer 2023! Operations Assistants will be paid an hourly rate, provided housing in Sophia Gordon Hall and provided lunch during their work shifts. More information is available on the ORLL Student Staff page. Applications are due on Friday, March 31.  

Additional position information will be available in the coming weeks from our partner departments.

Returning in Fall 2023 

Continuing students who have a fall housing assignment can move in starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 3. Please check ORLL’s Move In page regularly over the summer and plan your travel accordingly. More information about early arrival options will be available over the summer; please continue to check your Tufts email.  

If you have questions about move out or summer housing, please email: 


More Housing Information