Fairmount House

Apply for housing

You can apply for housing if you are a full-time student in the first year of your program at any of these programs:

  • School of Arts & Sciences
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Nutrition
  • University College

We cannot provide housing for couples or children.

Nine spaces are set aside for students with permanent home addresses outside the United States and Canada.

Applications are available online or in the Harleston Hall office.

Completed Graduate Student Housing applications can be faxed to 617-627-3929, 24 hours a day everyday (the USA country code is 1). Applications can also be mailed to:
Residential Life Office
Tufts University
Harleston Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Graduate Housing Options

  • Fairmont House, 22 Fairmont Street, Medford, MA
  • McCollester House, 28 Capen Street, Medford, MA
  • Tousey Houses, 14 Edison Avenue, Medford, MA

All located in the "uphill" section of the Medford campus, off of Winthrop Street.


  • 39 Single Rooms: 3 sizes: small, standard and premium (priced accordingly)
  • No rooms are exactly the same size
  • Furniture provided for each student:
    • One extra-long twin bed
      • multi-positioned beds that have 11 height adjustments up to 32 inches, with 30 inches of space underneath when raised to maximum height
    • One desk
    • One desk chair
    • One closet
    • One dresser
  • One window/shade
  • Linoleum tiled floors
  • Air conditioners are not allowed

Each residence has a common room or lounge and shared bathrooms (no private bathrooms are available for any of the rooms). One small kitchen is available in each residence and is shared with all of the occupants of each house. This kitchen must be shared amongst 10 to 16 residents, so storage space for personal cooking implements, dishes, and food is extremely limited. Residents are advised, but not required, to purchase one of the many meal plan options offered by Tufts Dining Services (call 617-627-3566).

A small combination microwave and refrigerator unit called a MicroFridge can be rented. Small refrigerators (no larger than 3 cubic feet in size) are allowed in individual rooms. The use of stand-alone microwaves and other cooking appliances is not permitted in individual student rooms.