Housing charges are placed in two separate charges. For undergraduates, the charge is a housing commitment fee of $750 and the balance of the housing cost. For graduate students, the charge is a housing commitment fee of $1,500 and the balance of the housing cost. Costs below reflect the full academic year including the commitment fee charge (charged per semester).

Undergraduate Housing Rates (Academic Year 2024-2025)

First-Years and Sophomores


Juniors and Seniors


Graduate Housing Rates (Academic Year 2024-2025)

The below academic year rates are for both AS&E and The Fletcher School, which include a $1,500 commitment fee per semester. Cancellation of campus housing after it has been assigned will result in forfeiture of the $1,500 commitment fee.

Room TypePrice per year
Graduate - Small$11,340 / year
Graduate - Standard $12,068 / year
Graduate - Premium$14,060 / year

For questions related to the new housing tiers or other aspects of residential life at Tufts, please email studentservices@tufts.edu.


  • In response to student and community feedback, the University is continuing to expand housing options to give more students the opportunity to live on campus. The prices of housing options in the new tiered structure, which include utilities and amenities such as water, electricity, and cable, as well as other support generally unavailable in off-campus options, are competitive with the off-campus housing market. Also, on-campus housing agreements are for the academic year while off-campus leases are predominantly for 12 months.

  • Federal Student Aid regulations require Tufts to use the average cost of housing when determining the total Cost of Attendance used to award financial aid. For more information about on campus housing and financial aid, please visit the Direct and Indirect Costs page on the Financial Aid website.