TuftsTickets is the ticketing system managed by the Office for Campus Life. All student organizations must use the TuftsTickets system for selling and distributing tickets for student organization events. Departments and offices may also utilize TuftsTickets for ticketed events. 

To sell tickets on TuftsTickets, online or at the Information Booth, student organizations should fill out the Event Registration Form through JumboLife. Per policy student organization event requests should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event, however we are able to place Tufts Tickets requests with at least 5 business days notice. Requests outside of the 5 days will be charged a late fee. Departments and offices may contact ocl@tufts.edu if they wish to utilize this service.

Setting Up Your TuftsTickets Account

  • Tufts Community Member: login with your Tufts UTLN and Password, set up your account using your tufts.edu email address
  • Non-Tufts, General Public: create a login to purchase tickets available for the general public

Purchasing TuftsTickets

  • Tickets purchased online are payable by credit card only. Credit card transactions are subject to a transaction fee that pays for the service, and is not revenue for the Office for Campus Life or the student organization/department selling tickets. These fees start at $1.50. Higher fees are assessed for higher-priced tickets.
  • Tickets on TuftsTickets may be available to purchase at the Mayer Campus Center Information Booth, which accepts cash and JumboCash. Please note that not all tickets are available at the Information Booth. Please check event details or call the Information Booth at 617-627-3145 for more information.

Ticket Confirmation

  • When you purchase a ticket (free or for cost), you will immediately receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with your purchase. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not purchase a ticket. Please try again and if issues persist, contact ocl@tufts.edu. It is your responsibility to save your confirmation email in case you encounter any issues.


  • All TuftsTickets are non-transferable and non-refundable at all times.


Q: “Tickets are not available for my user type. Why?”


  • Are tickets on sale yet? Check date/time of ticket sales.
  • Current undergraduate students:
    • Senior events: Tickets are available to seniors only. If you are a senior and are experiencing issues, contact ocl@tufts.edu with your student ID number so they can update your usertype. 
    • If you are a current undergraduate student and are experiencing issues for non-senior events, your account may have reverted to “general public” due to an IT error, or if you changed information on your TuftsTicket account. Please email ocl@tufts.edu with your student ID number so we can adjust your usertype.
  • Tufts Staff/Faculty/Graduate Students
    • Some tickets are available to undergraduate students only because the funding for these events are subsidized by the undergraduate student activities fee.
    • If tickets are open to staff/faculty/graduate students/general public, please email ocl@tufts.edu with any issues.

Q: “Are tickets sold out?”


  • Tickets for high demand events may sell out quickly. These tickets may resurface within 20 minutes of the sales time if people do not complete the checkout process and their transaction times out. If an event says it is still sold out after 30 minutes of sales time, they are most likely sold out. You can inquire at the Mayer Campus Center Information Booth or by calling 617-627-3145.

Q: “I cannot print my ticket from my account. Why?”


  • Log in to Tufts Tickets. Select ‘My Account’ > ‘Print My e-Tickets’ > select correct event ticket and print or pull up on your smart phone.
  • If the ticket is not there, refer to your confirmation and send your Record Locator to ocl@tufts.edu with your student ID number. If you do not have a confirmation, you did not purchase a ticket.
  • If you purchased a ticket at the Information Booth, it will not show up in your e-Tickets unless you specified that delivery method. Contact ocl@tufts.edu with your student ID number if you lost your physical ticket.

Q: “I am graduating but cannot purchase senior event tickets. Why?”


  • In order to purchase Senior Class Event tickets, senior status must be designated by the Registrar’s Office. This could be the issue. Please email ocl@tufts.edu with your student ID number so we can look into your class standing.

If you have any other issues or questions regarding Tufts Tickets, please email ocl@tufts.edu with “Tufts Tickets” in your subject line.

Event Ticket Sales

All TCU-recognized and OCL-registered student organizations MUST sell their tickets through the OCL TuftsTickets system by way of the Information Booth and/or TuftsTickets online.

To sell tickets through TuftsTickets at the Information Booth and/or online, student organizations must submit the Event Registration Form through JumboLife at least five business days in advance of the ticket sales start date for approval, scheduling, and pricing. Contracts submitted late will be subject to a late fee and are subject to approval.

  • Do not advertise that tickets will be on sale until you have filled out your Event Registration Form. If you are submitting a late contract, contact ocl@tufts.edu after you submit your form.
  • Tickets go on sale at 10:30 a.m. on Mondays (non-holidays). Other requested start dates will be reviewed.
  • The Office for Campus Life is not responsible for discrepancies in ticket amounts if anyone changes the amount of tickets to be sold after the initial contract.
  • OCL will verify sales and calculate the proceeds for the group, minus the sales fee. All proceeds will be transferred to the organization’s account by internal transfer.
  • TuftsTickets accepts cash and JumboCash at the Information Booth and credit card online. Other methods of payment are not accepted.
  • The Office for Campus Life reserves the right to reject requests for ticket sales, or can stop selling tickets for an event at any time.
  • Departments/offices may sell tickets through the TuftsTicket system by contacting OCL and paying applicable fees, as assessed by the Office for Campus Life.

Any questions can be emailed to ocl@tufts.edu with “Tufts Ticket Contract” in the subject line.


  • Ticket sales are $25 per event/day for departments and offices. TCU-recognized student organizations will have their initial ticketing fee covered. For multi-day events or events with multiple ticketing options, a $25 multi-ticket fee will be charged to the respective student organization or university department.
  • Late fees will be assessed by the Office for Campus Life and charged to the respective student organization or university department.
  • Batch tickets (physically-printed tickets) incur a $50 charge which will be charged to the respective student organization or university department.
  • Convenience Fees for online sales are $1.50 per cost transaction, higher for higher-ticket prices as assessed by the Office for Campus Life
    • Note that the convenience fee pays for credit card transactions, and is not revenue to either the Office for Campus Life or the organization selling tickets