Requirements for Graduation: Engineering

Engineering students who matriculated in 2020 or later

Degree programs offered within the School of Engineering require at least 120 credits of coursework comprising: 

  • At least 30 credits of coursework having attribute SOE-Engineering or SOE-Computing* 
  • At least 30 credits of coursework having attribute SOE-Mathematics or SOE-Natural Science 
  • At least 24 credits of coursework having attribute SOE-HASS 
  • At least one course having attribute SOE-HASS-Humanities (prematriculation credits cannot be applied) 
  • At least one course having attribute SOE-HASS-Social Science (prematriculation credits cannot be applied) 
  • Introductory Writing as English 1 or English 3 
  • Introductory Engineering as Engineering, Introductory 1 (EN 1)
  • Introductory Computing as either Engineering Science 2 or Computer Science 11 
  • Major Requirement for the selected program of study (determined by the department offering the degree program) 

*Programs accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, require at least 45 credits of engineering topics consistent with the general and program-specific accreditation criteria. 

Additional Information:
Student must also satisfy the residency requirement of eight full-time semesters, according to the stipulations outlined in The Bulletin.

Check the notes section of your degree sheet for guidelines about allowable courses and attributes. Please note that mathematics courses must have the SoE-Mathematics attribute and natural science courses must have the SoE-Natural Sciences attribute to count as math and science courses for engineers. 

You can search for classes attributes by using Tufts’ Student Information System (SIS) class search.

Need Help Completing Your Degree Audit Worksheet?

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Student Degree Audit: Phase Two

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The Registrar has developed training documents to help students familiarize themselves with this new release of the Student Degree Audit. We encourage all students to review these resources: 

Using an Alternate Degree Sheet?

By default, undergraduate Engineering students use the Degree Sheet associated with their anticipated year of graduation at the time of matriculation. However, engineers may also choose to use a newer Degree Sheet from a year after their matriculation. (They may not use an older Degree Sheet from a year prior to their matriculation.)

If you have chosen to use an alternate Degree Sheet, let us know! Fill out the Registrar's Use a Different Matriculation Year Degree Sheet form so we can update your information in SIS, as well as your Degree Audit!