Course Selection: Transfer Students

Academic Advising

We will assign you an academic advisor who works specifically with transfer students. This advisor will help you choose courses that connect your past course work with the Tufts curriculum and graduation requirements. After classes begin, they will also help connect you with an advisor in your department of potential major. We'll send you information about your advisor through your Tufts email in June.

Transfer of Credit

After setting up your Tufts email address, transferring credits should be your first priority. Before you start planning your fall courses, you must first enter information about your previous courses into our online system. This will also let you know how many courses you need to earn a Tufts degree.

To do this, you will need a copy of your transcript. It will also be helpful to have syllabi from past classes on hand, if possible. If your previous institution has online course listings, bookmark that page and have it ready when you log into the Tufts transfer-of-credit system.

Learn More About Transferring Credit to Tufts

Course Selection

As a transfer student, you will register for classes during the summer. This is different from first-year students, who register during orientation. It will not be an option for you to register during orientation. You can make changes to your enrollments once classes start, but it's important for you to have a solid course schedule before you arrive on campus.

Some departments may not get back to you right away with credit approval, so start looking at Tufts courses of interest that do not require you to have placement information. If you already have a potential major in mind, make sure to check the department's website as you plan your courses.

You will need to consider the Tufts writing requirement as you plan your first semester schedule. Don't assume that a previous course will fulfill the Tufts criteria. The English department has prepared guidance on the writing requirement for new transfers.

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