Peer Leader Program


The FIRST Center’s Peer Leader Program is an opt-in program for first-year students who self-identify as either first-generation, low-income, and/or having undocumented status. First-year students opt in to be intentionally matched with a current sophomore, junior, or senior in the FIRST Community who has chosen to give back to the community as a mentor. Peer Leaders serve to guide first-year students in their first year at Tufts by sharing resources, being a support, and sharing knowledge on navigating campus life to create sense of community on campus.


The mission of the FIRST Peer Leader Program is to connect students with a current FIRST student who has experiences navigating life at Tufts while also being a first-generation and/or low-income student. Through interactions with their mentors, first-year students will grow socially, academically, and professionally. This mentorship program will grow a sense of FIRST community and increase trust among students and the FIRST Center.