Solicitation, Vending, and Distributing Leaflets and Publications

The Office for Campus Life maintains a webpage of Policies on Solicitation, Vending, and Distributions. This document combines the posting policies of The Office for Campus Life and Residential Life & Learning and may be helpful as well. Visit the pages for comprehensive information. Some information most relevant to free expression is included below.

General Guidelines

  • The University regulates all commercial activity and solicitation on campus as presented from student organizations and off-campus partners. 
  • These activities include distribution of products and promotional materials, leafleting or solicitation, sales and solicitation for any purpose, or fundraising. 
  • The Office for Campus Life offers tabling/vending opportunities at the Mayer Campus Center for student organizations, campus departments, and approved non-university parties. 
  • Student organizations should make reservations through the Reserve Tufts platform and complete a JumboLife Event Registration form for the tabling space to be approved. 
  • Non-university parties/vendors will apply for approval and dates with the Office for Campus Life using the Outside Vendor Application.

Tabling/Vending Guidelines

  • Tables may not be moved from their designated location, including to outdoor locations.
  • Tables must be staffed at all times.
  • Use of other spaces surrounding the table should be requested separately and will be approved based on space.
  • Taping posters to walls or windows is prohibited. Request use of an easel if you have signs or posters to hang.
  • Student Organizations reserving tables for off-campus partners must have at least one student organization representative present throughout the entire tabling event and the off-campus partner must in some way connect to the goals and mission of the student organization.
  • Tabling and Campus Center patio reservation requests must be in at least 3 days prior. Student Organization events on the patios must be in at least 3 weeks in advance as required through student organization event policies. Due to nature of tabling/patio reservations we may approve with less than 3 weeks notice, but day of reservations will not be approved.
  • There is a fee for non-university parties vending/tabling.

Tabling/Vending Locations

  • Mayer Campus Center lobby tables.
  • Mayer Campus Center upper patio.
  • Mayer Campus Center lower patio
  • Dewick MacPhie or Carmichael Dining Hall. These locations are for student organizations and campus departments only and are reserved directly by contacting the dining hall manager.

Additional Campus Solicitation Guidelines

  • Door-to-door canvassing (including to campus residence halls or offices) is prohibited.
  • Soliciting or selling by telephone is prohibited.
  • Literature cannot be placed on parked cars on University property.
  • Activities must adhere to Campus Posting Policy at all times.

Distribution or Solicitation by Non-University Parties

  • Non-University parties are limited to solicitation or distribution to public walkways and streets. 
  • Groups should not be harassing or obstructing passersby in any way. 
  • Groups cannot be on University property. Groups cannot place literature on cars parked on University property. 
  • Groups not adhering to the above regulations will be reported to University Police. 
  • Daily vending/tabling is allowed in the Mayer Campus Center for a nominal fee.

Outside Vendor Application


Publication Distributions

  • Print publications may only be distributed in the approved media racks in the Mayer Campus Center entrances, Dewick and Carmichael Dining Halls, Tisch Library, and Dowling Hall lobby. 
  • Print publications may not be left on tables or benches in the Campus Center, dining halls, or any other campus building. 
  • Door-to-door canvassing of university offices is prohibited. Items may not be hung on student doors or placed under doors in the residence halls without express written permission from Christina Alch, the Director of Residential Life and Learning.