Hosting Events with Sensitive or Difficult Subject Matter

All students, student groups, and student organizations are free to organize events on and off campus but are required to follow a key set of policies and procedures.

    This section of our website will offer you guidelines on event planning, including things to consider before, during, and after your event. We also are sharing or linking to all of the university policies related to planning and holding events.

      Event Sponsorship Policy

      If you are planning to offer event sponsorship opportunities to external partners, please follow these guidelines:

      • Event sponsors are treated as donors. For guidance, please refer to the Tufts University Event Sponsorship Guide, published by Corporate & Foundation Relations.
      • No quid pro quo may be given, other than having a table at the event or being noted as a sponsor on event promotional materials, e.g., posters, programs, etc.
      • The Tufts University logo should never be placed next to or near those of the sponsors on promotional material. Ideally, the Tufts logo would be placed at the top of a print or digital piece with the sponsor’s logo in smaller print at the bottom.
      • Sponsors may be noted as such, but they should not mention endorsement of any kind by Tufts of their company, products, or services.
      • Consider having various sponsors from the same industry.
      • Make sure due diligence is done to vet the reputation of all sponsors and speakers.