REAL Program Academics

Transfer of Credit

Tufts accepts credit from all accredited colleges and universities, including courses taken at two-year colleges prior to matriculation at Tufts. Students in liberal arts may transfer up to 60 credits; students in engineering may transfer up to 60 credits, and potentially more depending on the degree program. Courses are accepted for transfer through a departmental evaluation process.

Degree Requirements

The liberal arts and engineering programs at Tufts provide students with both depth and breadth in their education. In liberal arts, a typical degree represents the completion of 120 credits fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Foundation Requirements - two semesters of college writing, three semesters of a foreign language, three additional semesters of a foreign language or a foreign culture, one course designated as world civilizations.
  • Distribution Requirements - 6 credits in each of these areas: humanities, fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics.
  • Concentration (Major) - at least ten courses in the department of the major that total at least 30 credits.
  • Engineering students must complete 120 credits. About 25% are devoted to math and sciences and another 20% to engineering sciences and other foundation courses. The major requirements take up about 35% of the curriculum, and students are encouraged to choose the remaining 20% from courses in liberal arts.

REAL students are eligible for financial aid and should file the Tufts Financial Aid Form in addition to the FAFSA. There is no financial aid for international students.

The Bernard Osher Re-entry Scholarship will be awarded to ten students entering the REAL Program. This funding will relieve the financial burden for new students by reducing their loan contributions or the number of hours they need to work. To apply, contact Tufts Office of Financial Aid at 617-627-2000.

Financial Aid Information for Adult Learners