Housing Options for REAL Program Students

Most REAL students commute from the local area, especially MedfordSomervilleEverett, and Arlington. Many apartments in these areas are accessible by walking or by public transportation. Students with cars may opt to live farther away where housing is generally less expensive. Students who use the MBTA to commute to campus are eligible for a student discount. Students who commute to campus are encouraged to purchase a campus parking permit.

The following websites may be helpful for finding roommates and housing:

Normally, Tufts does not provide on-campus housing for REAL students; on rare occasions, there is sometimes transfer student housing or graduate student housing available on campus for REAL students with special needs. You may contact Tufts’ Office of Residential Life to inquire about the availability of on-campus housing: 617-627-3248 or reslife@tufts.edu. Residential Life can also help REAL students find off-campus housing.

Visit the Residential Life Website Visit Tufts' Off-Campus Housing Website