THREAD Services

Individual Meetings

Decisions about substance use can be complicated. Whatever your reason for working with us, we strive to be nonjudgmental, inclusive, and respectful. Our meetings are private.  We connect with students to talk about anything related to substances. Some examples include:

  • Support with abstaining
  • Taking a tolerance break or cutting back 
  • Staying safer with current use
  • Talking to a friend about their substance use
  • Finding resources outside of Tufts


Harm Reduction Supplies 

Use this form to pick up free nasal naloxone or fentanyl test strips.


BASICS is a two session harm reduction session that encourages you to reflect on your current substance use and explore future decisions that are aligned with your goals. BASICS is known as a “drinkers’ checkup.” After meeting with a staff member, you will complete an online assessment and receive feedback tailored to your personalized goals.


Students can schedule a substance use screening or assessment through the THREAD office. You can also check in with yourself through an anonymous screener that provides immediate feedback to you. Visit the following links below through UScreen:

Alcohol Screener Cannabis Screener Prescription Drug Screener

THREAD Library

Visit the THREAD office and take out a book on a harm reduction or recovery topic. Browse our library and request a book here.

To schedule coaching session or assessment, visit here