Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric providers can help you manage mental health condition(s) through medication management and evaluation. To work with a CMHS psychiatric provider, you must be concurrently working with an on- or off-campus therapist and receive a referral. 

Referral Form

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation

A psychiatric medication evaluation is when a psychiatric provider reviews your specific symptoms and situation and determines which, if any, medications might be good options for treating your mental health concerns. 

To be eligible for a Psychiatric Medication Evaluation at CMHS, you must:

  • Be concurrently participating in counseling on or off campus
  • Receive a referral from your counselor to CMHS’s psychiatric services 
  • If you are working with a therapist at CMHS, please speak to your therapist; they will discuss the referral process with you.
  • If you are working with an off-campus therapist, please have them fill out the Referral Form and fax (617-627-3019) or mail it to us. Once we receive and review the form, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

If you have a stable and well-controlled mental health issue, including ADHD, and currently receive medication prescribed by a clinician at home, we strongly encourage you to continue your treatment with your provider at home if you can.


Students with the Tufts Student Health Insurance Plan (UHCSR) 

  • Initial evaluation: Free
  • Medication follow-up visits: Free 
  • Medications may require a payment. 

Students not with the Tufts Student Health Insurance Plan

  • Initial evaluation: Free
  • Medication follow-up visits (20-30 minutes): $100
  • Medications may require a payment.

CMHS cannot bill your health insurance directly. CMHS will send you an itemized medical bill which you can submit directly to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

Unless you pay the fee at the time of service, psychiatry charges will go on your SIS account and will be listed simply as a Health Service charge to protect your confidentiality. If you want to avoid receiving a Tuition Bill through SIS, you can pay directly at the Bursar's Office.

For questions about your insurance coverage, contact the Health Services Business Office at 617-627-3350.

Concerns about payment should not be a barrier to seeking services. Please let your referring counselor know if you will have trouble paying the fee.

Psychiatric Management of ADHD

Students who wish to have their ADHD medication prescribed by our psychiatry service must provide complete documentation of the evaluation which led to the ADHD diagnosis. The evaluation must be current (done within the past 3 years). CMHS does not provide diagnostic evaluations for ADHD, though we can offer a list of qualified local providers. Read more about ADHD evaluation and treatment at CMHS.