Parents and Families Newsletter

The Parents and Families Newsletter is emailed monthly during the academic year. It provides news and updates from AS&E Undergraduate Education, the Dean of Student Life's Office, the Tufts Career Center, Academic Advising, and other offices across the campus.

Parents and families of undergraduate students are added to the mailing list for the Parents and Families Newsletter and other general University communications if their student adds their family's e-mail address in their admissions portal the summer before they begin their first year. Once the student has matriculated, parents and family members may also add themselves to the mailing list using our sign-up form.

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Newsletter Archive for 2023–2024 Academic Year

  • September 2023 - Feature: Director of the Parents Giving Program Gina DeSalvo on Parents and Family Weekend
  • October 2023 - Feature: Associate Dean/StAAR Center Kirsten Behling shares academic resources
  • November 2023 - Feature: Erica Schonman offers insight on Mental Health Promotion
  • December 2023 - Feature: Meet Alyssa Baker, Associate Dean for Student Life at the SMFA
  • January 2024 - Feature: Campus Life Director Joe Golia on beloved spring events and student engagement
  • February 2024 - Feature: Tufts Athletics team member Bailey Finocchio highlights how students can stay active and have fun
  • March 2024 - Feature: Environmental Studies' 40th Anniversary and new Climate Action course
  • April 2024 - Feature: As Finals and Review Boards Approach, a New Wellness Space Opens

Newsletter Archive for 2022–2023 Academic Year

  • September 2022 - Feature: Meet Dean of the School of Engineering Kyongbum Lee
  • October 2022 - Feature: Meet Director for Residential Life & Learning Christina Alch
  • November 2022 - Feature: Meet Director for Student Engagement, Campus Life Alexa Erb
  • January 2023 - Feature: Meet Assistant Director for Student Life, School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts (SMFA) Stephen Green
  • February 2023 - Feature: Meet the new Tufts Career Center team members
  • March 2023 - Feature: Meet Executive Director for Health & Wellness Sonya Satinsky
  • April 2023 - Feature: Timed with Earth Month, we check in with Tufts Office of Sustainability
  • May 2023 - Feature: Q&A with Associate Dean and Senior Director for Tufts Global Education Mala Ghosh

Newsletter Archive for 2021–2022 Academic Year

  • September 2021 - Monthly Columns: Career Corner and What's Happening Academically
  • October 2021 - Feature: Meet Advising Dean Tanesha "Tee" Leathers
  • November 2021 - Feature: Meet Associate Dean for Student Diversity, Inclusion, and Success Ellise LaMotte
  • December 2021 - Feature: Learn About Health Service
  • January 2022 - Feature: Meet Senior Associate Dean for Student Life (formerly Student Affairs) Rich DeCapua
  • February 2022 - Feature: Get to know Tufts Libraries
  • March 2022 - Feature: Introducing Joyce Cummings Center