Vendor Information

Mini-Fridge Units

For the 2023-2024 academic year, MicroChill units (combination of a mini-fridge and microwave) are available for rent in our traditional residence halls through our approved vendor As a reminder, these combination units are set up specifically to work in a way such that the refrigerator portion is suspended while the microwave is in use. Order by August 1st to have your unit delivered before your arrival.

Students interested in bringing their own units may do so, however, only a mini-fridge will be accepted, but not a separate microwave. Use of the combination units are approved via our Fire Safety guidelines and students are not allowed to bring in microwave units of their own. 

Small woodframe houses (e.g., Fraternity/Sorority, Special Interest/Theme, and Language houses) as well as apartment-style locations (e.g., CoHos, Latin Way, Sophia Gordon, Hillside, 9-11 Sunset and 10 Winthrop) serve a smaller population with access to a full kitchen. If students are interested in renting or purchasing a smaller unit for their individual space, they may do so. 

Decorating Your Room

To help you avoid overpacking (and overspending!), we’ve arranged a convenient solution where you can get comfortable and stylish bedding, decor, storage and organization essentials, and so much more! With our partners at Dormify, you can browse through available linen packages to decorate your room before you arrive! Click here to browse and order from Dormify! Order by August 1st to have your items shipped to campus before your arrival.

Dormify also works with our University to help friends and families purchase care packages for their student throughout the year. With lots of goodies and gifts, find some fun options for your student!

Storage & Shipping Options

Tufts University is working with Dorm Room Movers to provide storage and shipping options to residential students. Please visit Tufts’ Dorm Room Movers page for more information about packing, pick up, delivery, and cost.