Use of Tufts Name, Websites, and Social Media by Student Organizations

The Use of the Name Tufts University

The use of Tufts University in the name of an organization does not indicate that Tufts University, the TCU, or the student body is in favor of, or opposed to, a given philosophy, activity, or event sponsored by an organization. All organizations must adopt names that either clearly identify them as student organization, or append to the organization’s name a parenthetical statement indicating that the group is a student organization. When sponsoring an event, student organizations are required to advertise their event as a student organization event and make sure the name of their organization is prominent in all marketing materials. Advertising should also include that in no way are the views associated with the event representative of the views of Tufts University. Student organization publications are required to publish somewhere within their publication that their group is a student organization. It should also be stated that the views expressed within the publication do not represent the views of Tufts University.

For further information on the use of the name Tufts University and Tufts insignias, please contact Tufts University Relations.

Communications Policies

Communications policies, including domain name use, university branding, social media and web accessibility, provide guidelines for uniformity in messaging and visual identity across Tufts websites and social media channels.

Privacy Statements

Tufts University’s Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions of Use disclose the privacy practices for and other Tufts websites that refer to the statement.  The University has also prepared several European Economic Area (EEA) Privacy Statements that provide information about how Tufts collects, uses and otherwise processes personal data, and about rights provided under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Information Stewardship and Information Technology Policies

The Information Stewardship Policy outlines the actions that all members of the Tufts community are expected to follow when working with University information. Supporting policies focus on using information systems, classifying and handling data, and roles and responsibilities for data. Additional policies establish requirements for using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), email, the Tufts network and other IT resources, such as Tufts Box, cloud services, and passwords. The Information Security Program provides for the University’s compliance with the Massachusetts data privacy laws and regulations.

Websites & Social Media

Student organizations may elect to host a website or create social media accounts for official business. While the accounts represent the views and opinions of the student organization and not the University, such accounts and web pages representing a Tufts-affiliated student organization are subject to the terms and policies of Tufts University Relations, and the Office for Campus Life Student Organizations Privileges and Responsibilities. All students managing an account or web page content must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, and are subject to disciplinary action individually and/or as an organization.

Creating a Website

Student organization websites should be hosted via the Tufts domain, and not third-party sites. Student organizations should contact Tufts Technology Services directly to set up their account. TTS will contact the Office for Campus Life for approval.

Social Media Accounts

Student organizations are free to create social media pages or accounts but must follow all communication policies outlined here, including the policy on the use of the name Tufts University. Please ensure that all admin privileges or account passwords are passed on from year to year as the University has no way of recovering accounts on behalf of a student organization.

Additional best practices for managing social media accounts are currently being developed and will be available for the 2020-21 academic year.