Getting Started

First Steps Meetings

If you are considering study abroad, you must attend a Study Abroad First Steps meeting or watch the video series online, ideally in your first or second year at Tufts. This presentation is an essential step in planning for study abroad. Study Abroad First Steps covers the basics of study abroad and lasts approximately 30 minutes. If you attend an in-person or live virtual session, held occasionally throughout the academic year, you will have an opportunity to ask some general questions about preparing for study abroad and selecting a program; check our calendar for exact schedule.

Registering Your Intent to Study Abroad

If you are considering study abroad in, say, your third year at Tufts, you must register your 'Intent to Study Abroad' during your second year; e.g., if you wish to study abroad in the 2023-24 academic year, you must submit your 'Intent to Study Abroad' registration by November 1, 2022. Failure to register your Intent will result in you being ineligible for study abroad. Please read more about this process and general planning and applying

Meet with the Program Manager

Meeting with the Program Manager for external study abroad is not a required step, but they are available if you have questions or need help with a particular application issue. To make the most of a one-on-one meeting, you should first read the policies and procedures on this website, and think about particular topics you would like to discuss in detail.

Keep In Mind

  • You do not need a meeting to drop off paperwork or get a signature. You can drop off any forms that need home university or study abroad advisor approval to the Tufts Global Education office or email them to the Program Manager. Make sure to submit your approval forms at least one week in advance of the date you wish to receive the approval.  Same-day approval is not possible.
  • You will find the answers to most questions about study-abroad policies and procedures answered on this website. If you need any clarification on policy or procedure, you can usually get an answer via email to the Program Manager.
  • The best use of a meeting is for advising on a particular program or destination or unique circumstances where discussion is needed.

Brochures and Program Evaluations

In addition to consulting individual program websites, you may wish to read through printed program and study-abroad materials. Our office in Dowling Hall maintains a supply of program catalogs, financial aid and funding information, and student evaluations. Extra copies of brochures and catalogs are free to take.

You may also read student evaluations of programs at your leisure while the office is open. Student evaluations offer valuable perspectives about the program, location, culture, and student experience, but should be considered alongside other resources. Keep in mind that each student’s experience abroad is different.

Events and Information Sessions

Representatives from external programs periodically visit the Tufts campus to provide information and talk with prospective applicants about their programs. The annual Study Abroad Fair and program-specific information sessions provide you with the opportunity to ask questions directly of the program, and are a great way to learn detailed program information as you do your research.  Please see the calendar for specific event information.