Welcome, On-Campus Employers! Please review the information below about hiring current Tufts students. You can direct any questions to Student Employment.

Minimum Wage Update: Effective January 1, 2022, student workers at Tufts are paid a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. Beyond minimum wage, departments may set their own pay rates for students based on experience and skill level.  

Posting Jobs

All on-campus work study and non-work study positions are posted on Handshake, though Fletcher students and Tufts Dental students do not have access to Handshake. Fletcher jobs are cross-posted to Fletcher CORE by Career Center staff. Dental jobs are posted on campus at the Dental School. 

Please email Student Employment for log-in instructions if you have not yet made an employer account. If you are a staff member who has also taken courses at Tufts, please indicate this in your email, since you will already have a separate Handshake account. All Tufts on-campus positions must be posted on the Tufts University page on Handshake, and you can only gain access by emailing Student Employment. Please follow the job posting instructions.

Collect Applications and Interview Students

In your job posting, you choose whether to have students apply through Handshake or through a different process that you are managing on your own. Handshake’s job application collection tools are well developed, and we encourage you to use them if you are comfortable with the system – your students will thank you! You can receive a packet of application materials when your position expires or you can receive an email each time an applicant applies. Student without work study eligibility will be shown as not fully qualified. You can still hire them, but they are coded as not eligible for work study with the most recent information we have. After you review your applicants, you can begin interviewing them then make an offer to hire.

Hiring Paperwork

You will enter the student’s job using the ePAF system on PeopleSoft HRMS. Please contact TSS if you need access to PeopleSoft. When you enter the job, choose Job Code 9000 Tufts Hourly Student Job for work study or Job Code 9001 Tufts Hourly Stu-non Work Study for a non-work study position. A job with Job Code 9001 will charge 100% of the student’s wages to your Dept. ID. A job with Job Code 9000 will first try to use work study, where your Dept. ID is charged 25% of the student’s wages, but if it is not available (if the student does not have work study on their financial aid award OR if they’ve exhausted their funding for the year), it will charge your Dept. ID 100% of the wages. Completing the ePAF will initiate an email inviting the student to complete their Payroll Onboarding, which consists of setting up direct deposit, submitting their W-4 in eServe, and completing their Form I-9 with I-9Everywhere. Please be in touch with TSS for any help with the hiring process.