FIRST Advising Seminar

Learning Outcomes

The FIRST Seminar is an advising seminar for first-generation, low-income students. This seminar focuses on supporting first year students with their transition into Tufts, while exposing them to resources and opportunities aimed at their academic, professional, and personal development.

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  • Foster Academic Success
  • Connect with resources to assure individual success at Tufts
  • Learn to form intentional connections with faculty and staff
  • Promote personal development, well-being, and social responsibility
  • Learn how to navigate finances and navigate the financial transition to Tufts
  • Develop community

Student Testimonials

"If I had not taken this course, I may have lost all confidence in my placement at Tufts. This course is arguably the most important class that I will ever take. It encompasses a multitude of imperative life skills that most first–generation, low–income students don't have access to in comparison to their more well–off peers. I notice this stark difference every day during my time at Tufts. This course gave me the tools to adapt, to improve, and to gain the confidence I need to make good use of my time. Before this course, I may have never had the confidence to even attend my professor’s office hours. We learn how to manage our money, time, and career goals. We learn how to optimize our resources at Tufts so that we can continue to actually afford to continue our studies. Both the faculty and my peers in this course helped me find my way at Tufts. As a low–income, first–generation college–bound student, I am extremely glad I took this course." Class of 2023

"I never would have done most of the things I did this semester without the course. I never would have gone to the career fair, to the career center to fix my resume, to my professors office hours, or off Tufts' campus. This course has pushed me in more ways than I thought it would and I am so appreciative that I was placed in this course. I have not been in any other course that has supported me like this one has." Class of 2023

"As a first–gen student, it provided me with the insight that myself and many of my peers were lacking in terms of how to navigate our first year of college. One of the biggest takeaways for me was the importance of networking in a variety of ways (not just professional) through our semester–long project which encouraged us to document meetings we schedule with faculty or other people on campus. We also learned ways to maximize the resources Tufts has to offer by looking at ways to get the cheapest textbooks, exploring funds available that otherwise go unnoticed, etc." Class of 2023

"The FIRST Seminar was an incredible resource for me throughout the semester. It provided a space to come to every week where I knew I would feel safe, respected, and heard." Class of 2022